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3406 Audubon Place
Houston, Texas 77006
Phone: 713-520-7237
Fax: 713-522-3275

Subscriptions and Advertising 713-520-7237 ext. 10
[email protected]

You can e-mail our staff by simply selecting their name. Direct dial telephone numbers are also listed.

Greg Jeu 713-520-7237 ext. 11

Associate Publisher
Tom Fricke 713-520-7237 ext. 22

Creative Director/Entertainment Editor
Blase DiStefano 713-520-7237 ext. 17

Assistant Editor
Megan E. Smith  713-520-7237 ext. 20

Associate Creative Director
Kelsey Gledhill   713-520-7237

Web Editor
Megan E. Smith 713-520-7237 ext. 20

Graphic Designer
Terry Klumpp 713-520-7237

Contributing Writers
Rich Arenshieldt, Susan Bankston, Troy Carrington, Dick Dace, Karen Derr, Lawrence Ferber, D. Woodja Flanigan, Steven Foster, David Goldberg, Marene Gustin, Suzie Lynde, Donalevan Maines, David-Elijah Nahmod, Neil Ellis Orts, Lilly Roddy, Terri Schlichenmeyer, Gregg Shapiro, Janice Stensrude, Barrett White, Brandon Wolf, John Wright, Grace S. Yung

Dalton DeHart, Theresa DiMenno, Yvonne Feece, Mark Hiebert, David Eduardo Florez Perez

Marketing Manager
Kelsey Gledhill   713-520-7237

Advertising Sales Department

Christin Dietze 713-520-7237 ext. 19

PC Douglas  713-520-7237 ext. 21

Joanna Jackson 713-520-7237 ext. 23

David Sanchez 713-520-7237 ext. 12

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