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Election May Decide Fate of Anti-LGBTQ Bills in 2019 Texas Legislature

Another onslaught of anti-LGBTQ bills seems likely in 2019.

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Twenty Years After Matthew Shepard’s Murder, Hate Crimes Are On The Rise

Under Trump, incidents reach highest level in a decade.

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For LGBTQ Americans, a Critical Moment

Trump threatens to set back our movement by 50 years.

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‘I Won’t Ever Stop Fighting’

Woodruff proclaims innocence in phone interview from prison.

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Was Brandon Woodruff ‘Railroaded’?

Author, filmmaker say anti-gay bias led to Texas man’s conviction in parents’ murder.

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The Suicide Epidemic and LGBTQ Youth

With U.S. rate at 30-year high, it’s time to protect the most vulnerable.

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Anti-LGBTQ Texas Pastor Council Looks to Expand Under Trump

Dave Welch and his cohorts pose a significant, coordinated threat to equality in the Lone Star State and beyond. 

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