Friday , 28 November 2014

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Jeffrey Altergott: Balloons

This indie artist with the big bear following releases his fifth CD of 11 songs dominated by rock, folk, and jazz rhythms. “Brothers Beautiful” has a nice Radical Faeries/Burning ...

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Imogen Heap: Ellipse

This eccentric techy artist pushes buttons to create her music while pushing the buttons of the listener with lyrics like, “Your name in lights vibrating to your ringtone, my worl ...

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David Guetta:One Love

Hip hop, soul, and dance tunes are deftly delivered by heavy hitters like Akon,, and Estelle, and others. But it’s the mix-master’s collaboration with Houston’s own Kell ...

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Whitney Houston: I Look to You

If this much-ballyhooed comeback album doesn’t return the former Mrs. Brown to superstar heights, it won’t be for lack of trying. The voice is a little thin, the breath is a littl ...

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Queen Latifah: Persona

After the Queen blasted her enormous voice in Hairspray and Chicago, an album of pure hip-hop is a letdown. However, there are moments of bopping goodness, including songs with Mi ...

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Jessie James: Jessie James

Carrie Underwood should look out, because Jessie James may eat her. Each song on this country-pop debut album is filled with ferocity and style. She’s one to watch. Mercury Record ...

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Josh Zuckerman: Got Love

Rocking out on his third indie CD, here Zuckerman rides the wave of his four previous number-one music videos on Logo. Expect this preachy-yet-catchy title track to follow suite. ...

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Ace of Bass

The pitch is heavy and heady, with a tone as rich and sweet and thick as a bourbon-laced pecan pie, yet elegant as midnight in Manhattan. It is a voice as innocently assaulting as ...

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Meshell Ndegeocello: Devil’s Halo

Meshell Ndegeocello: Devil’s Halo

The openly bi, undisputed queen of the bass once again defies musical categorization. Her discordant, whale-like moan of “Slaughter” erupts dramatically and violently, spills over ...

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Boys in the Bands

A few weeks before the beginning of October’s GLBT History Month observances, gay male musicians were dominating most of the top slots on Logo’s Click List music video program. If ...

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