Tuesday , 27 January 2015

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Asking the heady question, “Can your imagination save your life?,” this live-action feature interspersed with animation is not just another end-of-days global-warming warning. The ...

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Watch Out

Elevating the concept of narcissism to soaring new heights, Jonathan Barrows (Matt Riddlehoover) really, really loves himself. Like, he tapes his own photo on a blow-up doll befor ...

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The Band

With its trans member and lesbian manager, the sex-, drug-, and rock ’n’ roll-obsessed lifestyle of an Australian punk band is the focus here. Features eight original songs by the ...

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Hollywood, Je t’aime

This romantic holiday comedy places Ross (Chad Allen) on a lonely beach in LA where he meets out-of-work Parisian actor, Jerome (Eric Debets). But what is more important—finding w ...

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Spinning Right Round

For the last three years Houstonians have chosen multifaceted DJ Chad Guidry as one of the city’s top three “Gayest and Greatest” spinners on the city’s diverse club scene. As an ...

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Meet Rocky Miller

"I’m just an old theater queen,” says Roscoe “Rocky” Miller with a laugh. “I saw the Music Hall torn down and the Wortham built.” Miller, in fact, has been involved in the theater ...

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Stand-up Artist

Last November, gay artist Kelly Faltermayer was chosen from nearly 200 applicants to be the featured artist at Houston’s annual Via Colori festival, a celebration of pastel chalk ...

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In the Pink

It begins, most obviously, with the articulation of her name. The “Kay” appears to rhyme with “day” but instead rhymes with “die.” This disjunct is symbolic of everything about Ne ...

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RitaMae Goes to the Dogs

It would have been difficult to imagine that the young woman who penned a firebrand bestseller known for its frank depictions of lesbianism in the early ’70s would later become mo ...

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Getting ‘(serious)’

Trey McIntyre grew up in Kansas, studied at the North Carolina School of the Arts, then came to Houston in his late teens to train at the Houston Ballet Academy (now the Ben Steve ...

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