Saturday , 28 February 2015

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Being Gay Is Disgusting

Being Gay Is Disgusting

Falzon tried to read the Bible from page one and found it wasn’t easy. He discovered that the book skipped around and had too many pages. ReadOut short. ...

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Santa’s Little Helper

The moment Augusten Burroughs’ eight-year-old self confuses the identity of Santa Claus with Jesus Christ and shortly thereafter quickly, furtively fondles Santa-Jesus’ Christmas ...

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Harmony for the Holidays

The product of “a shared passion for offering, hope, religion, and unification through music,” Higher & Higher (Sojourn) finds Neshama Carlebach collaborating with the Green Pastu ...

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A Christmas Coming-Out

It’s the holidays. Time to break out the cheeseball. Not that we don’t love a good cheeseball. That annual offering of the port-wine-infused mound of processed whey and other dair ...

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Grip of Death

This futuristic third book by the Houston author finds four women who are among the few survivors of a military germ-warfare experiment gone awry. Together, they strive to resist ...

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Straight Lies

The premise is probably the best part of this not-altogether-satisfying screwball novel: two small-time hustlers try to blackmail Romeo Romero, “world’s hottest openly gay celebri ...

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My Diva: 65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them

Michael Montlack’s love for Stevie Nicks inspired him to collect these enjoyably informative and insightful essays from 65 gay writers who count actresses, singers, politicians, c ...

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Rage: A Love Story

Johanna is a good girl, living alone now that her mother has died. Always willing to help others, she is thrown into the path of her fantasy object, Reeve, when she is asked to tu ...

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Aloha, Candy Hearts

Russell Quant is returning from Hawaii, where his true love has finally proposed. The chatty, soon-to-be-murdered man in the next seat slips him a problematic gift. What starts ou ...

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Inside Job

Jay Rusovich has been snapping pics for more than a quarter of a century. And while many of those subjects were CEOs or celebrities, Rusovich has become more noted of late for his ...

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