Friday , 19 December 2014

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Bebel Gilberto: All in One

Sensual, soothing rhythms of her native country influence this Brazilian vocalist who sings mostly in Portuguese. We especially like the birdies chirping on the title track, plus ...

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Mika: The Boy Who Knew Too Much

High production value and clever arrangements grab us immediately with the peppy, full-chorused “We Are Golden” and its platinum hook, “We are not what you think we are.” The elec ...

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Sugarbeach: Not Deserted

This electro-pop lesbian duo specializes in inspiring and energetic equality-themed original music at Pride festivals and assorted LGBT events. Their enthusiastic “Living Out Prou ...

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Greg Scarnici: 12 Inch Freak

Beyoncé, Fergie, Eminem, Amy Winehouse, and other pop personalities have all been skewered by this out New York comic. Here, dance music, with its many genres, is the target. Scar ...

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Otep: Smash the Control Machine

Well, here’s something unusual: a metal band fronted by an out lesbian poet. The founder of Girls Out Now social networking site goes thrashingly deep with lyrics like “I took his ...

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Sacha Sacket: Hermitage

Sacha Sacket: Hermitage

The out piano rocker provides nice string work on the soaring lead track, “Running Away,” and then gets even meatier with “Used.” Think Coldplay, but gay(er). We hear traces of Ru ...

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Logan Lynn: From Pillar to Post

This out electro-pop artist gained Logo viewers’ attention with 2007’s dance-y “Feed Me to the Wolves,” also featured here. His whimsical, trance-y “Bottom Your Way to the Top” is ...

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BarbraStreisand: Love Is the Answer

The Diva of Divas reminds us once again why she is exactly that. Streisand is in flawless, timeless tune with this collection of standards penned by Jacques Brel, Julie Styne, the ...

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It’s Her Move

Idina Menzel is best known for playing two memorable and powerful women on the Broadway stage. In Rent, Menzel played lesbian Maureen, who inspired a whirlwind of emotions in girl ...

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Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat

The impish Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace, Boston Legal) and John Waters cult icon, Mink Stole, do the heavy and too-brief lifting in this most recent installation of the popular hun ...

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