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‘GJS II’ By Shawn Stewart Ruff


GJSIn this alluring sideshow in the Clinton Administration drama, self-made Griffin Jewells Saunders II is a man of means: covetable connections, immense wealth, a glamorous TV-celebrity and fashion-icon wife, and five telegenic children. The sterling qualities that have made this handsome black embodiment of the American dream a Cincinnati mayoral prospect prove his undoing. A lucrative business alliance with his Clinton cabinet-appointed half-brother ensnares the partnership in the Republican attack machine. As the Monica Lewinsky scandal engulfs the White House, the brothers turn on each other, convinced an FBI sting is afoot. The fallout sweeps Griffin’s family into the maelstrom in this thrilling page-turner of tabloid intrigue, high-fashion passion, and murder. More: Troy Carrington


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Troy Carrington

Troy Carrington is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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