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I Do

IDoJack (David W. Ross) is a gay Brit living in New York raising his niece with his sister-in-law Mya (Alicia Witt). When Jack’s visa is denied, moving back to England isn’t an option. Faced with deportation and no other means to stay in America, he marries his lesbian best friend Ali (Jamie-Lynn Sigler). The stakes are raised even more when he falls for a Spanish architect Mano (Maurice Compte), a U.S. citizen. But after I.C.E. officers detain and interview Ali and Jack, a terrified Ali files for divorce. Mano, ready for commitment, believes he can marry Jack and keep him in the country. Their lawyer informs them that even though Mano is a citizen, immigration is a federal-level right not afforded to gay marriage on a state level. Jack will be deported unless he marries another woman. Breaking Glass Pictures ( —Suzie Lynde


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