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BearCity: The Novel

4 BearCityBy Lawrence Ferber

BearCity: The Novel, based on the award-winning feature-length film, follows the funny, romantic, and often dramatic adventures of a tight-knit pack of bears, cubs, and friends in New York City as they gear up for a big party weekend. A hirsute Sex and the City set in the city’s gay men’s “Bear” scene, the BearCity story brings together these men, their friends, tricks, and lovers, and a cast of colorful, hirsute characters. They experience comical mishaps, lusty and romantic encounters, and an impressive variety of male body types. Using satire and humor, the novel explores these men’s self-image issues and pokes fun at aspects of urban gay male lifestyles, all while celebrating the worldwide community of men who call themselves Bears. Bear Bones Books ( or —Troy Carrington


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