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Tierra del Fuego: Colony Ship

Tierra del Fuego: Colony Ship
Caron Cro

Trevathan Ivins has achieved her dream to be an officer on the Tierra del Fuego, the first of the off-Earth colony ships. The Compact the settlers have devised has unusual rules covering procreation, family units, and the rights of animals. A radical sect is outraged by the Compact and manages to get a saboteur on board. Trev and her friends work together to stop outrageous conduct on the part of the captain, find the menace they know is on board, and along the way find true love for all people, including the beautiful, and very gay, Trev. Although reminiscent of the Naiad novels of the 1970s, this book has a very subtle plot irony that put me into a seize-the-moment frame of mind. Dog Ear Publishing ( —Review: Angel Curtis


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