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Jane Goes Batty

By Michael Thomas Ford

Jane Austin lives! Well, kind of. The now-vampire Jane is faced with multiple challenges: Lord Byron’s how-to-be-a-vampire lessons; her mortal boyfriend’s mother, who not only expects her to be Jewish, but who is a vampire slayer; the undead Bronte sister who is trying to do her in; rude, telepathic Chihuahuas; and writer’s block. While not specifically a gay book (though the author is gay), the subplot where Byron has turned the straight twin brother by mistake adds a nice campy touch. This romance mystery, this rollicking, witty, good time of a read ends like all Austin novels—the heroine defies the odds and finds true love. Fabulously fang-tastic! Ballantine Trade Paperback Original ( —Review: ANGEL CURTIS



Angel Curtis

Angel Curtis is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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