DVD Shorts: September 2008

CampoutCamp Out
What happens when a group of isolated, Christian, GLBT youth go to “Gay Jesus Camp”? They discover that working to build a community that includes everyone allows each of them to begin healing, not only from their alienation from society, but also their alienation from their churches. Don’t let the sometimes-iffy production values keep you away from this celebration of the resilience of youth. • 2006. Co-directed by Kirk Marcolina and Larry Grimaldi. • Genius Products ( and Liberation Entertainment ( — Review: Angel Curtis

BooksofJohnThe Books of John
You know how all of us have arranged with our best friends to, upon our death, remove all questionable items from our homes — items our survivors may find, well . . . questionable? This film teaches us to be sure our best friends snatch up our secret diaries our partners never knew we were writing. • 2007. Co-directed by David A. Schweiger and L.W. Smith. • Available September 23 from Ariztical Entertainment ( — Preview: Nancy Ford

Itty Bitty Titty Committee
Daniela Sea, Jenny Shimuzu, Guin Turner, Carly Pope, and other top lesbian thespians pop up in this queer film-fest favorite. With soundtrack contributions from Le Tigre, Sleater Kinney, and Bikini Kill, it sounds even better than it looks. • 2007. Directed by Jamie Babbitt (But I’m a Cheerleader). • Available September 2 from Wolfe ( — Preview: Naancy Ford

HappyDayOh Happy Day
You have likely already seen this new film — Logo’s running it in its summer lineup. In it, gay dad Jonathan (Christopher Colquhoun) learns a comedic lesson on how a formal, black-tie charitable event can sometimes result in a revelatory bit of charity at home. • 2007. Directed by Ian Poitier. • Ariztical Entertainment ( — Preview: Nancy Ford

Margaret Prior is a socialite who finds escape and purpose as a mentor who brings hope and comfort to the female inmates at Millbank prison. However, she becomes infatuated with a medium who was incarcerated after a séance went horribly awry. As the story unfolds, Margaret discovers a world of secrets and shadows, heightened passions, and the allure of the supernatural. • 2008. Directed by Tim Fywell. • Logo ( — Preview: Suzie Lynde

houseboyThe Houseboy
Aimless and barely in his 20s, Ricky is content to play boy toy to a pair of 30-something lovers. That is, until he overhears them whisper about “a new toy for Christmas.” Alone while the couple vacations, Ricky binges on tricks and drugs, and then contemplates the end. But a chance meeting with a sweet guy makes Ricky wonder if there’s something to live for after all. • 2007. Directed by Spencer Schilly. • TLA Releasing ( — Preview: Troy Carrington

South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season

If the “Cartman Sucks” episode (where Butters goes to a special camp where they “pray the gay away”) doesn’t do it for you, maybe the “D-Yikes” episode (where Ms. Garrison discovers that life without men has its advantages) will. If those episodes don’t cut it, there are 12 more politically incorrect ones to choose from. • Comedy Central ( — Preview: Blase DiStefano


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