DVD Shorts: May 2007

Young Soul Rebels, Fun Down There , lesbian road comedy Big Dreams in Little Hope, and more

Young Soul Rebels

YoungSoulIn Young Soul Rebels, an interracial sex act in the bushes turns into a murder, which sets off a police investigation and waves of controversy in London’s black community. The year is 1977, and there is fighting in the streets, and the authorities seem more interested in harassing the victim’s friends than in solving the crime. A riveting look at the forces of race, class, and sex that reshaped the U.K. just before the Thatcher years, Isaac Julien’s breakthrough film, which won the 1991 Critics’ Week Prize at Cannes, is as exciting as ever today. 1991. Directed by Isaac Julien (Looking for Langston). From Strand Releasing ( — Preview: Troy Carrington

Fun Down There

One of the early titles of the New Queer Cinema, this is a slice-of-life tale of coming out and coming of age. Buddy (Michael Waite) leaves his intolerant family for NY. There he has his first sexual encounter and finds a partner, Joseph (Nickolas B. Nagourney), from whom he learns how to survive in a big city at the dawn of the AIDS virus. 1989. Written and directed by Roger Stigliano. Available May 15 from Strand Releasing ( — Preview: Eric A.T. Dieckman

Big Dreams in Little Hope

BigDreamsIn this lesbian road comedy, Kelly (Emily A. Burton) gathers data for a market research firm. When assigned to a job in the tiny town of Little Hope, she is teamed up with Linda (Julie Goldman). Mismatched and without available rooms at the local hotel, the two are forced to bunk at a hostel. Will things get hostile? Or will they find a common ground? 2006. Written and directed by Erin Greenwell. Available May 29 from Wolfe ( or 1-800-GET-WOLFE). — Preview:  Eric A.T. Dieckman


Who can resist a mockumentary? Kerry Mitchell (Scott Victor Nelson) is barely making rent in Hollywood. Mega-star Lance Hardcastle (Matthew Jett Schaefer) dies, leaving behind a role in the first TV spy-action show with a gay lead. Mitchell leaps at the opportunity, using his homosexuality as a means to getting the part. But he also has a juicy secret that could crush his career and discredit the network. 2006. Co-directed by Chris Long and Mike Heim. From Indie-Pictures ( — Preview:  Eric A.T. Dieckman

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds

BigDreamsIn the first sequel to a gay feature in the history of American cinema, Kyle (Jim Verraros) has his eyes set on Troy (Marco Dapper), the hot new guy in town. Since his scheme for his roommate to land a girl by pretending to be gay (in the first Eating Out) worked so well, Kyle gets help from friends — and a support group for ex-gays — to play the straight card and get the Adonis. Look for Mink Stole of John Waters fame. 2006. Co-written and directed by Philip Bartell. Available May 29 from Ariztical Entertainment ( — Preview:  Eric A.T. Dieckman

Mr. Leather

Mr. Prime Choice and Daddy of Montrose hopefuls — or anyone who “cherishes the abnormal” — will love this explicit yet genial primer outlining the brotherhood, responsibilities, and accoutrement of all things leather. The film, with its generous bonus features, follows a fistful of contestants as they prepare for the 2003 Mr. Los Angeles Leather competition. Yes, sir! Available May 22 from Liberation Entertainment ( — Preview: Nancy Ford

The Queen

TheQueenThere’s something gay and something good about The Queen, a story of the British Royal Monarchy during the time of Princess Diana’s death. The “something gay” is a disparaging remark about homosexuals made by the Queen’s husband; there’s also film footage of Elton John and Tom Cruise at Diana’s funeral (not together, of course). The “something good” is Helen Mirren. You may very well appreciate the real Queen after seeing Mirren’s touching portrayal of the stoic monarch. Michael Sheen’s performance as Prime Minister Tony Blair is the perfect compliment to Mirren’s Oscar-winning turn as Queen Elizabeth. 2006. Directed by Stephen Frears (My Beautiful Laundrette, Prick Up Your Ears). From Miramax Home Entertainment (   — Review: Blase DiStefano


Tracy/Mahogany (Diana Ross) is an ambitious young secretary determined to make her dreams of becoming a fashion icon a reality. Anthony Perkins portrays Sean McAvoy, a gay fashion photographer who first shapes then attempts to derail her career. The film won an Oscar for Best Music with “Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To?).” FYI: Perkins, a closeted homosexual, once had a relationship with OutSmart cover boy Tab Hunter (see “Fab Tab,” OutSmart November 2005). 1975. Written and directed by Berry Gordy. Available May 1 from Paramount Home Entertainment ( — Preview:  Eric A.T. Dieckman

Little Children

LittleChildrenNominated for three Oscars, Sarah (Kate Winslet, who played gay in Heavenly Creatures) leads a seemingly mundane life in this drama. But is her husband cheating on her? Is her neighbor a transvestite? Does her husband’s co-worker have rough gay sex in public bathrooms? It’s as unclear as her relationship with Brad (Patrick Wilson, who played gay in Angels in America), a similarly disaffected stay-at-home hubby. Can they be friends, or does fate have something more treacherous in store? 2006. Co-written and directed by Todd Field. From New Line Home Entertainment ( and — Preview:  Eric A.T. Dieckman

Mind of Mencia: Season 2 Uncensored

This is a two-disc set featuring all 14 episodes, including the one in which Mencia hits the streets to ask, “Is gay the new black?” Bonus materials are completely uncensored and include over 30 minutes of extras (deleted scenes, bloopers, and outtakes). Guest stars featured include Dave Attell, Peter Boyle, Cheech Marin, Tracy Morgan, and Jamie Kennedy. From Comedy Central ( — Preview: Troy Carrington


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