The Trip

TheTrip_DVDLos Angeles, 1971, two years after Stonewall. Alan (Larry Sullivan) is a conservative and deeply closeted young journalist who meets Tommy (Steve Braun), an openly-gay free spirit with radical politics, long hair, and a flamboyant best friend (Alexis Arquette). Even as he’s writing articles against homosexuality, Alan falls in love with the attractive activist. Fast-forward to 1977 when the gay community is first flexing its political muscle over the attacks of Anita Bryant. Alan and Tommy are now openly lovers and gay activists, but when Alan’s old antigay writings mysteriously resurface, he is fired from his job, and Tommy leaves in anger and shame. Seven years later, Reaganism is in full bloom, and Alan is living in the mansion—and bed—of a powerful, closeted businessman (Ray Baker). Alan’s mother (Jill St. John) and old girlfriend (Sirena Irwin) tell him that Tommy is in Mexico and dying of AIDS. Alan rushes to his side and tries to bring him home, but when the airline refuses to let Tommy board the plane, the two men find a car and begin their final trip together. • 2002. Directed by Miles Swain. Available at From TLA Releasing ( More info: —Troy Carrington


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