The film opens with Jackson (Justin Herwick) waking up in a sea of bodies after an all-night orgy. He thinks he has just found true love with Billy (Jonah Blechman), but Billy has a twisted sexual appetite and just wants to be friends. At the same time, a hunky cousin (B. Wyatt) arrives, a cousin that Jackson didn’t even know he had. Jackson wonders if sex with a cousin is incest if it’s gay. Complicating matters are a straight-acting guy (Sean Thibodeau) who’s infatuated with Jackson; his best friend and boss (Shane Powers) who is so fond of Jackson that he questions his straightness; a lesbian friend (Pamela Gidley) who is fascinated with the cousin to the dismay of her partner (Susanna Melvoin); and a closeted rock star (Willie Garson, Carrie’s gay friend in Sex and the City) who wants Jackson to ghost-write his lyrics and who knows Billy. Eventually everyone gets sorted out in a surprisingly charming, though occasionally heartbreaking, ode to artistic temperament and the search for love amid lust. • 2002. Directed by Everett Lewis. Available at From TLA Releasing ( —Troy Carrington


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