Ask Dr. Laura

Ask Dr. Laura: LGBTQ Alphabet Soup and The Virginal Voyage

Growing up, I heard the acronym LGBT. Now I hear LGBTQ, LGBTQIA, etc. Where do all these terms come from?…

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Ask Dr. Laura: Period Sex and Pubic Hair

Hair, we love it, we hate it, we once had a musical named after it.

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Ask Dr. Laura: Vaginal Ejaculation and Defining Queer Sex

Welcome to the second edit of “Ask Dr. Laura,” your locally grown and operated sex education column.

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Ask Dr. Laura: Anal Douching and Feminist Porn

Welcome to the first edition of my column! I’m so thrilled and honored to be part of your sexual empowerment.

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Ask Dr. Laura: Introducing Our New Queer-Inclusive Sex Column

Sexologist Dr. Laura McGuire answers your sexual-health questions in an upcoming Q&A column!

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