Stilettos and Steel

Jeri Estes
JerriEstesAntihero, anyone? Travel back to San Fran’s Tenderloin in the 1960s and enter a world of butch pimps, femme hustlers, and another chapter in the “we had to fight for our turf back then” story. A modern noir, this book has it all—characters you can care about and a story that keeps the pages turning. That being said, this may be the best book you can’t read this season: the writer and her girlfriend refuse to settle for a small publishing company and are trying to influence mainstream publishers to pick up her debut novel by sending it to reviewers. —Review: A.C.
Editor’s note: The pictured cover is a mock-up cover, which could change when the book is published. At press time, Howard Chaykin (comic book writer and artist) was considering a collaboration with Estes. To read updates on Stilettos and Steel, visit and


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