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Gay Trump Supporter Who Opposes Same-Sex Marriage Seeks Okla. House Seat

Colton Buckley served as national Republican delegate from Texas in 2016.  

By John Wright

Colton Buckley, a gay Republican who opposes same-sex marriage, is running for a seat in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Buckley served as a delegate from Texas to the Republican National Convention in 2016. At the time, he explained to Slate why he is a proud gay Republican.

“There’s a slim quarter-page of the [GOP] platform that says, ‘We don’t support same-sex marriage, we don’t support these types of things, etc.,'” Buckley said. “But I would rather deal with a Republican who’ll say, ‘I don’t necessarily agree with you,’ than deal with someone who aligns themselves with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, where the Clinton Foundation has taken tens of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabian nations, where if I live there as a gay man, I would be publicly executed.

“There are gay Republicans here that are much more moderate than me,” Buckley added. “I may be one of the most conservative gay Republicans here, because of the fact that I don’t believe in same-sex marriage. Marriage is a religious term between one man and one woman. And, as a gay man, I don’t think the government should be involved in handing out marriage licenses. I think the government should give eveyone, straigt or gay, a civil union, not a marriage.”

Buckley was once appointed to the Texas A&M University Board of Regents by Governor Rick Perry. He also served as campaign manager for current Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. Both Perry and Miller have been staunch opponents of LGBTQ rights.

Buckley is vying for the Republican nomination in Oklahoma’s House District 61. The primary is in June.

Nowhere on his campaign website does Buckley mention that he’s gay. However, Buckley does pledge to “to halt the merciless slaughter of our state’s unborn,” and proudly declares himself to be a member of both the NRA and Oklahoma’s Second Amendment Foundation.

In a recent Facebook campaign ad, Buckley is shown firing a military assault rifle.

Watch Slate’s interview with Buckley from 2016, and check out some of his recent tweets, below.


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