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Monthly Archives: January 2004

Various Artists: <em>Dance Hits USA</em>

Various Artists: Dance Hits USA

Anyone who is a fan of dance music and all of the genres that fall under the general category of dance is well aware that dance music gets little to no exposure in the national me ...

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Various Artists: <em>Disco Inferno</em>

Various Artists: Disco Inferno

Disco has never really gone away. This ultimate collection of disco classics, which never fail to pack any dance floor, is designed to take you back to some great disco memories. ...

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Jennifer Lopez: <em>The Reel Me</em>

Jennifer Lopez: The Reel Me

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most infamously famous female entertainers of our time. This impressive DVD includes all of J Lo's music videos, and she has incorporated an interview ...

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Eroica Trio: <em>Beethoven: Triple Concerto Op. 56 & Piano Trio Op. 11</em>

Eroica Trio: Beethoven: Triple Concerto Op. 56 & Piano Trio Op. 11

Pianist Erika Nickrenz, violinist Adela Peña, and cellist Sara Sant’Ambrogio have been making beautiful music together since they were children. It was while they were students at ...

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Berlin Philharmonic/Sir Simon Rattle: <em>Beethoven: Fidelio</em>

Berlin Philharmonic/Sir Simon Rattle: Beethoven: Fidelio

Beethoven’s only opera was first heard in 1805 when it bore the title Leonore, the true name of the heroine who disguises herself as a man—Fidelio—to rescue her husband, a politic ...

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Galleon: <em>So I Begin</em>

Galleon: So I Begin

Galleon is French musicians Gilles Luka and Phillippe Laurent. (Fellow rugby buddies for over 10 years, they named their duo after French football star Jerome Galleon.) Both produ ...

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Toni Braxton: <em>Ultimate</em>

Toni Braxton: Ultimate

This ultimate R&B album is the first anthology of Toni Braxton’s entire recording career. Ultimate has a decade of pop/R&B hits by one of the most recognizable voices in music his ...

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Nelly Furtado: <em>Folklore</em>

Nelly Furtado: Folklore

Nelly Furtado showed up on the scene in the fall of 2000 with the release of her acclaimed debut Whoa, Nelly! Radio tracks such as “I’m Like a Bird” and “Turn off the Light,” both ...

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Maureen McGovern: <em>Out of This World</em>

Maureen McGovern: Out of This World

Out of This World is a nuanced and impassioned collection of songs by Harold Arlen, one of America’s most beloved songwriters. McGovern’s impeccably rendered interpretations inclu ...

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<em>The Boy from Oz</em>: Original Broadway Cast Recording

The Boy from Oz: Original Broadway Cast Recording

The Boy from Oz tells the dazzling, funny, and heartbreaking story of the great entertainer Peter Allen, from his humble beginnings growing up in the Australian outback through a ...

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