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Their Words Speak Volumes

OutSmart is proud to have a myriad of satisfied clients all across the Greater Houston area. From corporations to locally owned companies, OutSmart is the perfect platform to grow any business. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our advertisers are saying.

“OutSmart has fostered
and elevated the Houston
LGBT community for years.
To reach out to the Houston
LGBT community and allies,
OutSmart is hands down
the best choice.”
— Kris Cogliano
“The first time we advertised with
OutSmart, we saw a 70%
increase in traffic to our website.
How can you argue with results
like that? OutSmart is hands
down the best choice.”
— Brian Waddle
Houston Community College
“At Bud Light and Silver Eagle
we are committed to serving our
customers and the communities
in which they live. Partnering
with OutSmart gives us
the connection with Houston’s
LGBT community which has
helped us remain a market leader.”
— Doug Mraw
Bud Light and Silver Eagle

“I've used OutSmart marketing for
17 years, whether it has been for
The Houston Downtown Alliance,
Legacy Community Health, or
Discovery Green. I always find
OutSmart to be the most effective
form of advertising when I am
specifically targeting the LGBT
— Barry Mandell
President and Park Director, Discovery Green

“There is simply no better way to
target and reach Houston's LGBT
market than OutSmart magazine.
Since partnering with OutSmart for
our “Out at TUTS” after-show events,
they have become a must-attend
for anyone looking to make new
connections and have a great time
doing so!

— David Greiss
Director, Sale & Marketing, TUTS

“I have been very impressed
with the response we’ve
received from our advertising in
OutSmart. Each ad that we place
in OutSmart generates phone
inquiries and attracts loyal
readers into our showroom.
It is one of the best media
vehicles in the Houston market.”

— Stewart Tinsley

VP Marketing Cantoni by Design

"As a new business owner, I've
had the opportunity to advertise
with many magazines. I’ve found
that the only magazine that has a
loyal following is OutSmart.
Advertising in OutSmart is
financially sound and the
results are proven.”
— Tina Ozcelik
Untitled design (4)

“We were thrilled to see Loggins
in OutSmart so we decided to
task them with the difficult job of
creating a unique tungsten
design in less than a month.
We didn’t want anything too
elaborate and at a price we
could afford. In particular,
we were blessed to have Carlye
Farrill assist us. She went out of
her way to accomplish our design
and keep us informed every step
of the way. We couldn't be happier
with the tremendous service and
quality we received from Loggins
and we highly recommend them
to all who are getting married.”

— John Nechman

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