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Periphery / Animals As Leaders – The Convergence Tour, Astronoid

Sunday, November 19, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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$25.00 ADV
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This show is All Ages

– Periphery
– Animals As Leaders
– Astronoid


The process of innovation doesn’t sit stillor sleep. Instead,it relies on constant motion. In 2015, Periphery landed two albums in the Top 20 of Billboard’s Top 200 chart as Juggernaut: Alphaand Juggernaut: Omegarespectively bowed at #15 and#16 during the same week. Meanwhile, theintertwined conceptual epic garnered praise from Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, Outburn, and more.Only months after the release, the Washington, D.C.progressive metal disruptors-Misha Mansoor [guitars, programming], Jake Bowen [guitar, programming, backing vocals], Matt Halpern [drums], Spencer Sotelo [lead vocals], Mark Holcomb [guitars],andAdam “Nolly” Getgood [studio bass, guitars, programming]-collectivelydecided to start creatingwhat would become their2016full-length, Periphery III: Select Difficulty[Sumerian Records].”We ended up with a bit of downtime, so we wrote,” explains Misha. “We’re always working on ideas, and you want to bring them to life when you can. We saw a window of opportunity wherewe had a little bit of space in the schedule, and we thought, ‘Let’s get to work on new music.’ Juggernautwas so long and comparatively stressful. It took six months. Initially, we decided to try and make an EP. Everybody was down with that. With this fresh start, wewere all hooked.This was our first stress-freeexperience. The time crunchactually helped it become the most cohesivetoo. Itallturned into Periphery III.””We write what we feel,” adds Jake. “It came together very naturally. Normally,we stick to the cycle of put out an album, tour for a year, and then record another album. This time, we felt an itch and just kept moving forward.”Forward progression defines Periphery’s trajectory. Since the release of 2010’sself-titleddebut, the band has covered magazines such as Guitar World, Revolver, Modern Drummer, Bass Player, and more. Boasting a relentless touring ethic, they’ve packedvenues on bills with everyonefrom Deftones and Dream Theater to Between The Buried and Me. In addition to performing at festivals such as Rock on the Range, Chicago Open Air, Download, and more, the musicians lead their own summer camp:the “Periphery Summer Jam.” Going into their latest offering, the boys would continue to embrace that evolutionary spirit. Expanding the sonic palette, Misha bought a Moog synthesizer and incorporated it into the framework of the album. He also drew from orchestral libraries to infuse a cinematic scope.”I wanted to get the hang of synthesis and learn how to use it a little better,”he remarks. “I didn’t expect it to be on the record, but now it’s on every song! The orchestration really adds something as well.”Periphery IIIkickstarts on the chugging smash of the first single “The Price Is Wrong.” Driven by an artilleryof neck-snapping guitars and a stunning groove, it immediately sets the record’s tone.
“It’s like handing somebody a grenade,” smiles Jake. “It’s so in-your-face and brutal for us. It was a great way to start.””Every one of our albums has a nice long intro, and we were like, ‘Let’s kick this off with a drum fill and a pissed-off riff,'” laughs Misha. “It’s something we haven’t done. It was fun.”On the otherend of the spectrum, the seven minute-plus closer “Lune” marks a first for Periphery.The sweepingorchestral climax actually saw its genesis during a jam in Misha’s apartment. “It’s aspecial one for a number of reasons,” admits Misha. “We’re attached to it. We literally never jam, so we did the next best thing at my place. I setup all of the amps and pedals. Matt was drumming on his legs, and we started playing one by one. It was such a cool experiment. It’s a love song.””Remain Indoors” unloads a striking sonic schizophrenia, while “Flatline” showcases a precision polyrhythmic pummeling evocative of the band’s most beloved sonic hallmarks.”It’s a killer,” Jake goes on. “We actually tracked the first three riffs backstage in Pittsburgh on tour. Wenever get to do that. It’s broken up into two sections with this normal Periphery energy and this mysterious build-up at the end.”Once again,Misha and”Nolly” spearheaded production and engineering. Another change occurred following recordingthough,when “Nolly”announced he would remain a studio member based back home in the UK, but no longer tourin order to focus on his production work and family. “He’ll still be there and write with us,”affirmsMisha. “He’s such an important part of the process. We don’t want to change that dynamic. We have him where he’s most important.””He’s a good friend and a brother, and he brings something to this musicnobody else can,” agrees Jake. Charging full speed ahead, Periphery continue to make seismic impact with Periphery III: Select Difficulty.”I hope everyone thinks this is fun and enjoyable to listen to,” Misha leavesoff. “We enjoyed making it, and I still lovelistening to it.We want to share that.””I’m so happy with how it came out,” concludes Jake. “This is Periphery being Periphery. This is all we know how to do.”

Animals as Leaders:
Sometimes, a band’s musicregistersjust as seismically on an emotional wavelength as it doesona sonic spectrum. Animals As leaders-Tosin Abasi [guitar], Javier Reyes [guitar], and Matt Garstka [drums]-reimagine, reinterpret, and refresh instrumental prog, experimental metal,modernjazz, alternative, and even world music to a point where the reaction becomes primalon their fourth full-length album, The Madness of Many[Sumerian Records].”What you’re hearing is the madness of the band, what happens in our heads, and what it sounds like when you put italltogether,” exclaims Javier. “For us, that’s the sound of the new album. It’s simply the madness of these three individuals. We’retrying to create something that only we can do.”That’s whyAnimals As Leaders have risento celebrated heroes of their respective instrumentssince first emerging in 2007.Most recently,2014’s The Joy of Motionbowed at #24 on the BillboardTop 200, moving 13,000 copies first-week. Along the way, the triohas earned acclaim from the likes ofConsequence of Sound, Revolver, Ultimate Guitar, andRolling Stonewho extolled them, “as satisfying in their visceral kick as they are in dazzling displays of dexterity.” Tosin would grace the cover of Guitar Worldtwice, while Matt covered Modern Drummer. Consistently delivering a captivating show, they’vetouredalongsideDeftones, Between The Buried And Me,Periphery,and many others in addition to Tosin joining Joe Satriani at the G4 Experience and Steve Vai and Nuno Bettencourt for the Generation AxeTour. Matt remains a sought-after talent, performing on Late NightWithSeth Meyersand atdrum clinics and festivalsworldwide, and Javier’s solo project Mestis stands out as a fan favorite.When it came time to begin working on new music in late 2015, the musicians possessed a clear vision for their next evolution.”Instead of enlisting a producer, we ended up doing everything ourselves for the first time,” says Javier. “Wewerereally influencing eachother, and it’s the most collaborative effortso far.”The band opened up the writing process like never before since Matt joining in 2012. Ideas were flowing freely, and his contributions added another dimension to the group’s signature style.”We’ve known each other’s processes for years, but we really melded here,” adds Matt. “Their approaches have become mine and vice versa. It was great to be a part of the creation as the record really reflects all of our voices.””He helped glue together a lot of theparts that Tosin and I wrote,” Javier continues. “He brought that sense of arrangement to the table. It gave birth to something new.”Another first, Tosin and Javier actually wrote guitar to the drums of six-minute album opener “Arithmophobia.” It’s polyrhythmic percussive palette provided the perfect backdrop for distinct dexterous riffing and a hypnotic hummable lead.
“That was something I sent the guys, and I sat down and explained it,” reveals Matt. “It turned into a very cool track.””Eventually, it didn’t seem so foreign,” chuckles Javier. “It challenged us to create a new style while still persevering who we are.”Meanwhile, single “The Brain Dance” begins with delicate acoustic guitars before morphing into a head-spinning tapestry of fret fireworks.”Most people would expect a heavy song,” he goes on. “It moves like a dance, ballet, or something very theatrical. That’s where the title came from. It’s literally a journey in your head.”Ultimately, The Madness of Manywill impactlistenerslike only Animals As Leaders can.Javier leaves off, “I just want to blow people’s minds and leave them speechless, so they want to share the record.”


Sunday, November 19, 2017
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


White Oak Music Hall
2915 N Main St
Houston, TX 77009 United States
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