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Queer Singer Z’maji Glamouratti to Headline at Rainbow on the Green Event

Glamouratti's music is an eclectic mix of disco house, soul, Cumbia, gospel, and more.

Z’maji Glamouratti will headline at Rainbow on the Green

Music gave queer singer Z’maji Glamouratti a creative outlet to express himself and feel loved growing up, and the native Houstonian says he hopes to impart the same experience to those who attend an upcoming Pride event at Discovery Green.

“Music has taught and raised me, especially regarding coming to a place of self-acceptance,” Glamouratti says. “When I sing, I’m being my most fully realized self. I never feel more real and more alive than when I’m singing. It’s beyond passion; it’s like my very existence. I know that sounds heavy, but it’s actually true.”

Along with his Lone Star Discoteq band, Glamouratti will perform at the annual Rainbow on the Green event on June 28. The family-friendly Pride event will also include pop star impersonators. Admission is free and open to the public.

For those unfamiliar with Glamouratti’s music, the musician says it’s an eclectic mix of all that has come before him, featuring influences of disco house, soul, Cumbia, gospel, and more. Disco is his favorite genre, as it makes him feel truly alive.

“My favorite music of all time is ‘70s disco,” he says. “There’s something so freeing about that genre of music. It’s a sonic liberation that you can hear and feel. It reflects the mentality of the time. I feel that maybe it speaks to me because I had felt so trapped most of my life. It’s shaped my sound to the point where now I’m carrying the energy of that music with me, as well as preserving it so I can pass it on to future generations. I hope that freedom can live on and be a beacon of light for the next little bright-eyed boy that needs to be made free.”

Recently, Glamouratti made a splash performing his single “Everywhere” on Houston Life last summer. Growing up in Houston, it was a full-circle moment for him.

“Having my first solo television experience in my hometown on a show called Houston Life felt like vindication for staying in Houston and believing in this town,” he says. “Many artists run away to other cities looking for their break, abandoning our local music scene. But if we keep running, we’ll never build a place where artists can thrive. I am proud of being a Houstonian, so it was truly an honor. The song ‘Everywhere’ was a track produced by John Allen Stephens that I connected with so intensely I wrote the song in mere minutes. I know it may sound weird, but usually the track tells me what it’s saying, and this track screamed these lyrics at me. Sometimes the track just inspires and creates a story in my mind.”

“Music has taught and raised me, especially regarding coming to a place of self-acceptance. When I sing, I’m being my most fully realized self. I never feel more real and alive than when I’m singing. It’s beyond passion—it’s like my very existence.” —Z’maji Glamouratti

Fans who attend the Rainbow on the Green event can expect songs from Glamouratti’s discography, as well as covers of classic anthems. The 41-year-old queer singer says he feels honored to perform at an event that will bring groups of the city together in harmony.

“It’s such a blessing to do this type of event. I’m so excited to headline this year as I’ve been able to put in some fun, crowd-pleasing moments. All in attendance can expect music, dancing, and an abundant supply of whimsical drag queens, as well as my band performing reimagined disco and house classics.”

Glamouratti describes the Discovery Green event as a celebration in the truest sense, and he hopes people walk away feeling love for both themselves and those around them.

‘”I hope, as always, that people feel joy. That’s all I want to spread through my music. I’ve experienced it from other artists and I want to be that for others. The world is rough, so we as artists create the works that help people cope. I believe joy is my literal default, so when I grab a mic and get on any stage, my ultimate goal is the transference of that joy. I pray that my joy is infectious and it inspires bravery to embrace living authentically.”

Rainbow on the Green (Image courtesy Morris Malakoff)

Glamouratti finds that Pride Month is more important than ever because queer people have been made to feel ashamed of their very existence in today’s political climate.

“It’s not just parties and cheeky fun,” he says. “It’s our chance to boldly declare the reality of our lives and to model self-acceptance for younger generations so they can grow up being proud instead of having to recover from self-hatred.”

Going forward, Glamouratti is gearing up to release a solo EP titled “Heartbeat,” while also working on an as-yet-unnamed EP with
his band.

“Along with those projects, my ultimate goal is to be content in this journey of being an artist. Don’t get me wrong,” he says, “I dream of doing the big flashy artist things, too. “That being said, whether I reach No. 1 on Billboard or remain a mostly obscure indie dance artist, contentment is the goal—no matter the outcome.”

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What: Rainbow on the Green (Discovery Green’s annual family-friendly Pride celebration)
When: Friday, June 28
Where: Discovery Green, 1500 McKinney St.
Info: discoverygreen.com/rainbow

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