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Houston’s New Faces of Pride Transgender Grand Marshal: Meghan Fairbanks

Fairbanks is known for being involved in various organizations and advocating for transgender rights.

Houston’s New Faces of Pride Transgender Grand Marshal Meghan Fairbanks

“It’s truly an honor to be recognized. I personally believe that one of the most powerful ways we can combat transphobia and homophobia, or any kind of bigotry, is through visibility. People are much less likely to hate
someone they know. My personal belief in visibility aligns with the goals of Pride: celebrate who we are, combat stigma, and show the world that it’s okay to be different.” — Meghan Fairbanks

Known For:
Meghan Fairbanks is a late-blooming transgender woman who came out at age 47. Lived in Houston most of her life. Day job working in information technology for an energy management company. Finds ways to be involved in the LGBTQ community, with a particular focus on the trans community. Founder of Trans & GenderQueer Houston (TGQH), a social group for trans and gender-nonconforming folks to show up, be themselves, and find community. TGQH was named as a finalist Favorite LGBTQ Social Group in the 2023 OutSmart Gayest & Greatest awards. Board member of the Transgender Foundation of America (TFA Houston) and member of Houston Transgender Unity Committee. Secretary of Harris County’s LGBTQIA+ Commission and a member of their advocacy and communications committees. Member of the Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus who is involved in candidate screenings, the Rules and Administration Committee, and recently volunteered to assist with the Fundraising Committee.

She is also known for “being everywhere.” Shows up to as many activities as she reasonably can. Traveled to Austin numerous times during the last legislative session and has testified before the legislature, the Department of Family and Protective Services, the State Board of Education, and local school boards. Often seen in the crowd at protests and demonstrations. Shares her knowledge of navigating these spaces and does what she can to empower siblings in the community.

The awards include being the 2022 recipient of the Horizon Award from the Houston Transgender Unity Committee, the 2023 OutSmart Gayest & Greatest winner for Most Valuable Female Trans Community Volunteer, a finalist for both Most Prominent Female LGBTQ Activist and Most Prominent Female Trans Activist, and the 2023 recipient of the Monica Roberts Transgender Activist of the Year award from Equality Texas.  

Will continue to be active in all of the organizations in which she is currently involved, with one more on the horizon. She foresees continuing attacks coming from the Texas Legislature during their next session in 2025, so she plans on traveling to Austin as much as possible to combat these attacks. She will support the efforts of the many advocacy organizations who work on the community’s behalf and will also work to empower and mobilize folks who want to get involved both in Houston and Austin.

Favorite Cause:
Transgender rights

Dream to Change the World:
The normalization of the idea that “some people are just trans, and that’s okay.”

Ultimate Life Mission:
The starfish parable: she may not be able to help everyone, but she wants to try and help as many folks as she can.

Favorite Hashtag:

What: Houston’s New Faces of Pride downtown parade
When: Saturday, June 22, 7:30–10:00 p.m.
Where: Houston City Hall, 901 Bagby Street
Info: tinyurl.com/38ta7f6s

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