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Serena Spellman Crowned Miss Island Goddess 2024 in Spectacular Gala

Resident Queen Mother Kymber DeVine inspires community and contestants alike.

(l-r) Terry Fuller Waymire, Heidi T. Iman, Miss Island Goddess 2024 Serena Spellman, Chachie Pedraza Van Wales, First Alternate Lolli Poppers, Second Alternate Pearls Ann Heels, Jamie Fuller Waymire, Kymber DeVine. (Photo by Lucio Nieto)

 On Friday, March 22nd, Serena Spellman was crowned this year’s Miss Island Goddess 2024 at Island Time Beach Bar & Grill.

The night was full of dazzling lights, enchanted patrons, and plenty of jeweled evening gowns.

Each queen competed in presentation, talent, and Q&A segments to win the judges over for the title.

Previous winners of the title made cameo appearances and stunned the audience with their performances.

Miss Island Goddess was hosted by Resident Queen Mother, Kymber DeVine, whose talents far exceed that of a hostess and go beyond the stage of Island Time directly into the community of Galveston. Last year, Island East-End Theatre Company presented multiple sold-out performances of the drag-themed musical, La Cage Aux Folles. Throughout the rehearsal process, Kymber was the leading force coaching the male ensemble, most of whom were new to drag. The process of turning the musical’s ensemble cast into full-fledged drag queens included one-on-one rehearsal time with DeVine, who provided instruction on how to properly strut, serve looks, and of course, tuck.

Miss Island Queen 2024, Serena Spellman

Now, as the hostess of one of Galveston’s premier gay bars, she truly serves as Mother, encouraging and motivating up-and-coming queens to step into their power and realize their worth.

Pearls Ann Heels, a war-veteran-turned-drag-queen who was named second alternate, had some natural anxiety during the Q&A portion of the pageant. The question was how the contestant would use the title to help the community, and after Pearls showed some hesitation, Kymber gracefully retrieved an additional microphone from the judges panel and turned the contestant towards her, asking the question again. Finally, the relieved Pearls responded in a profound way, bringing the audience to their feet in uproarious applause.  This is how a true queen leads her people.

Following in the footsteps of DeVine is recently-crowned winner, Serena Spellman. “Now is a super important time for drag queens and all people to be vigilant about their voice and how we move forward. There’s a lot going on in the world today. Drag is a special form of activism. We have a spotlight; people listen. We are there to tell a story aside from entertaining. I can be a voice for those who are unable to voice their own [stories],” says Spellman.


Lucio Nieto

Lucio Nieto is an entrepreneurial creative and the CEO of Grandson Studios. He currently works as the Brand Culture Expert at Del Sol & Cariloha in Galveston. Lucio serves his community by supporting youth in the performing arts and helping his neighbors with artistic service. Connect with Lucio and his mission by emailing him directly at [email protected], and follow his journey on social media @reikiminister.
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