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Three Reasons Your Dog Needs Daycare

Dogtopia is the leading and largest dog daycare provider in North America with over 20 years of experience in the pet industry and more than 220 open locations. Dogtopia has cultivated the perfect daycare experience and wellness model to prioritize our furry family member’s health, wellness and happiness.

Amber Woods, a Dogtopia franchisee, owns and operates two locations in the central Houston area (Dogtopia of Houston – W. Alabama Street and Dogtopia of Houston – Waugh Dr.) with an additional location coming soon on Washington Ave.  Because Houston’s population is continuously growing, and more dogs are calling the area home; Woods is doing her part to spread awareness about the value of creating positive canine citizens. A regular routine that includes daycare is important for dogs, and brings three key benefits to pet parents including:

Regular EXERCISE Will Keep Them Healthy

Dogs need plenty of exercise.

Dogtopia locations provide an open-play environment to encourage exercise and socialization for all dogs. Before any dog joins a playroom, they will go through a Meet & Greet process to make sure they are a good fit for open play. A Meet & Greet is also helpful to determine which playroom suits them best depending on their size and play style. Dogtopia dogs walk upwards of 30,000 steps a day while at daycare – more than three times the daily recommendation of steps for a human!

For pet parents on the go, Dogtopia is a great option to allow dogs to fulfill their daily exercise goals. Your pup will spend the day with likeminded dogs which boosts their socialization skills. If you find yourself missing your dog while they spend their day at Dogtopia, you can tune into live webcams to watch your dog play with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever)!

At Dogtopia, dogs benefit from consistent play, no matter the weather. As you know, Houston’s weather can turn on a dime. From hot summer days to freezing winters and all the rainy days in between, Dogtopia has implemented ways to ensure your dog is able to receive the daily exercise they crave. Regardless of the weather outside, your dog will spend the day in a climate-controlled playroom under the watchful supervision of highly trained Canine Coaches.

Effective SOCIALIZATION Makes for Positive Canine Citizens

Socializing your dog will allow them to develop positive behaviors which will turn them into a well-rounded pup! Your dog’s confidence will grow with each new interaction and promote positive reinforcement and experiences. These new interactions and experiences could be anything from having a neighbor walk by your home, a mailman knocking on your door, or adventuring outside of your home for dinner at a dog-friendly restaurant. Over time, this will help make new experiences for your pup much less stressful.

Strong EDUCATION Allows for New Skills to Take Home

Dogtopia teaches skills important for any well-mannered pooch.

Although there are many skills your dog will learn at daycare, here are three most impactful ones:

Name Recognition: It’s important for dogs to know and respond to their name, and in the event your dog escapes, it is important for them to listen and respond to their name. This skill is frequently practiced at Dogtopia through repetition. Canine Coaches will walk through the playroom and find a dog located on the other side of the room and call their name. If the dog runs towards them, they will give them pets and praise. If the dog does not respond to their name, the Canine Coach will work with them to recognize their name. 

Bark Control: When dogs become excited or overstimulated, they may bark to bring the attention back to themselves. Dogtopia Canine Coaches work with dogs to be on their best behavior and create a good habit that can be transferred from daycare to home and vice versa by using verbal praise to dogs who are being quiet. If the dog begins to bark, they will divert their attention from the barking dog to a dog being quiet and give them verbal praise. Over time, dogs will learn being quiet and not barking is what will get them rewarded. Dogs aim to please and repetitive practice will keep your dog happy and quiet at daycare and at home.

Door Training: New guests coming into a home or into the playroom at daycare are exciting for our furry family members. When an unfamiliar face enters, your dog may jump on the new person or stand in their way as they try to enter. While at Dogtopia, Canine Coaches will play a game called door control to allow your dog to become more familiar with the coming and going of new people. The Canine Coach will draw a quarter of a circle with chalk on the playroom floor which will outline where the door swings and will stand within the quarter-circle. The dogs who remain outside of the quarter circle are rewarded with pets and verbal praise – especially head scratches! Dogs who enter the quarter-circle are nudged back outside of the chalk line. Once pups have mastered this game, the game advances in difficulty, by adding distractions or a new Canine Coach to the mix. Over time, dogs become accustomed to these changes and react less once the stimulus is adjusted. This is a great skill for dogs to learn at Dogtopia that can also be practiced and executed at home. Whether it’s a neighbor or your significant other walking through the door with armfuls of groceries, your dog can remain out of the way.

Giving Your Dog the World

Being a good pet owner requires a great amount of responsibility and dedication to your pet. All dogs require continuous love, affection, proper nutrition, and exercise. Dogtopia of Houston – W. Alabama Street is there to ensure your dog can maintain a healthy schedule and have their needs met even while you’re away.

Interested in getting your dog into daycare? Visit Dogtopia’s website or follow on Instagram or Facebook to learn more!

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