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A Busy October

Things are coming to a head during Libra season.

Libra, inspired by poet Oscar Wilde (Illustration by Sebastian Gomez de la Torre)

This is going to be a busy, active, and eventful October. Multiple planets are making their presence felt, especially from the 8th through the 15th, and that could be very disruptive. Both Saturn and Pluto go direct this month. Mercury goes direct by the 7th, and Mars goes retrograde on the 30th. And to top it off, there is a solar eclipse on the 25th! A lot of issues are coming to a head as the country’s chart is being activated by Mars, planet of self-protection. That can mean a greater chance of violent conflicts with other countries. But don’t let your concerns make you feel paralyzed or powerless—we will have options and choices for adapting to changing situations.

(Mar. 21–Apr. 19)
Relationships are the primary focus as the month begins. You will need to put some energy into your partnerships to solidify those connections. You are speaking more directly, and you’ll want to know that your efforts aren’t being wasted. You are continuing to explore alternative career paths as you try to work on passion projects rather than always doing what others expect of you. With your ruler, Mars, going retrograde, you will want more time to yourself for introspection. This is the time for making plans, not for acting on impulses. This energy level will continue to be strong through the middle of February 2023. Focus on completing ongoing projects. 

(Apr. 20–May 20)
This year, you have been working on promoting your career while also focusing on your passion. Both of those goals could come to fruition in late October! As the month begins, you are working on improving your health and work routines. Your co-workers may need your diplomatic intervention to help things run smoother. Finances, investments, and marketing your skills are going to be priorities for the next couple of months. You are starting to find that your current job is too limiting. Partnerships become the primary focus in late October. With the solar eclipse occurring in your partnership area, you will be redefining your relationship boundaries. You are still working on balancing career and relationship obligations while still taking time for yourself!

(May 21–June 21)
Your sign is definitely the most active one this month. Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde, and Mars (the planet of activity, adventure, and self-protection) is making an extended stay in your sign. You are more focused on making decisions that put you first. There could be conflicts or problems at work that have you rethinking your plans. This will be very strong in the first two weeks of the month. You will absolutely need some time and space for yourself, since you may be trying to get too much done all at once. This would be an excellent month to focus on improving your health and vitality. By the end of the month, you are working on establishing a more balanced outlook on life. 

(June 22–July 22)
As the month begins, creating a more comfortable home and family life is a priority as you seek more time to connect with your family of origin to relive old memories. As the month progresses, finding a better exercise and health regimen is a priority. The need to create better conditions for yourself will be strong through March 2023 as you explore your spiritual side and your purpose in life. In the latter part of the month, you are more creative. You are looking for outlets where you can express your best self. This is a time to recharge and let some ideas incubate before you act on them. 

(July 23–Aug. 22)
You are putting energy into making your routines run more smoothly. You have more to say, and you are getting your point across without ruffling too many feathers. As we progress through the month, your spotlight shifts to your home life. You have been dealing with how to adapt to the aging process. You are paying more attention to your boundaries. If your expectations don’t align with the people you are interacting with, they may not be in your life much longer. You haven’t done well with jobs that are too restrictive, so keep looking for something that connects to your passions and expresses your individuality. That will be very strong at the end of the month with the solar eclipse on the 25th. Changes are brewing!

(Aug. 23-Sept.22)
This month (and through March 2023) there is a lot of activity in your career sector. You will be looking at new ways to do what you do! You may feel limited by your current position, or management’s lack of concern for employees. The middle of the month is when this energy will be at its peak. Your partners may need more from you during this time, so find a way to satisfy them as well as yourself! You are looking at ways to improve your sense of security and eliminate debt from your life. In the latter half of the month, you are more direct in your conversations. This could be a better time for taking a class and looking for alternative solutions, perhaps on social media. 

Sept. 23–Oct. 23)
Happy Birthday to the Librans! This is your personal yearly cycle when you view the past and move forward into the future. Relationship energies are still positive, but this is the time to review them in order to ensure better communication and a sense of shared goals. By the middle of the month, you are paying more attention to your finances and utilizing your talents. This is a very good month to write, take classes, and step away from the routine expectations. In late October, you start to pay more attention to your health and exercise routines. There is plenty to keep you busy this month.

(Oct. 24–Nov. 21)
The time before your birthday is always a time to rest, retreat, and take some time for yourself. You need more time for self-care and meditation. You have been working on healthy boundaries so that family expectations are kept in check. This will be emphasized with the solar eclipse this month. In your personal relationships, you are needing more closeness and intimacy. With your career, you have been working on breaking away from routine demands and finding work you enjoy. This energy only gets stronger at the end of the month, when you’ll feel more in control and ready to deal with your fellow humans. 

Relationships are currently the big theme for you through the end of March 2023 (thanks to Mars, planet of impulsiveness and one’s sense of safety). If you are in a difficult partnership, those problems come to the surface so they can be dealt with immediately! You are more likely to express your feelings without much of a filter. Issues with family may arise at this time—indicating major shifts in the family that will require you to decide what to do. By the end of the month, you are ready for some rest and retreat. 

(Dec. 22–Jan. 19)
Your focus this month is on your career, your work environment, co-workers’ teamwork (or lack thereof), and getting rid of job stress. It is difficult for you to ask for help, but your friends are more than willing to give you a hand. Business and community support groups can help. You are interested in improving your work conditions, updating your home office, and possibly buying new electronics. In late October you will be making things more manageable by improving your boundaries. With the solar eclipse on the 25th, you will want to be more of your own person!

(Jan. 20–Feb. 18)
You are more open to new ideas and expanding your knowledge base this month. You are having strong creative urges that stimulate you to show more of yourself. If you have children, they could make you proud this month. You will want to do things that bring more joy and fun into your life. Career and long-term plans are still very active with the solar eclipse occurring in your career and home sectors. You may want to do some remodeling—both at home and in your career. You are looking beyond your paycheck for something that activates your passion. There could be a power shift within your family as family members age and the younger adults step up to take over family rituals. 

(Feb. 19–Mar. 20)
Gemini and Pisces are the most active signs this month. You may be feeling unappreciated by family, even though you have always stepped in when there are problems. You are likely to be more direct and even angry with family members. This same dynamic is also occurring at work, and you may even feel your partner needing more attention. By the end of the month, you will definitely be working on your boundaries and making decisions about your future, including career and current relationship partners. You are moving into a more decisive time when you will be the main focus. It will take time for you to address the issues and set limits to ensure your safety. You’ll have until January to get things in place.

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