The Bearded Broadway Babe

The neon lights shine brightly for Regina Thorne-DuBois.

Regina Thorne-DuBois (Photo by Alex Rosa for OutSmart Magazine)

Regina Thorne-DuBois is just a Broadway babe. Whether in front of an audience during The Broad’s Way or behind the curtain as a stage manager, this theater whiz lives for the performing arts. Move over, Patti and Sutton—it’s Regina’s turn to be in the spotlight. Read on to find out more about this performing phenom.

She/Her as Regina, He/Him when not as Regina.

Drag birthdate?
April 13, 2014

Inner avatar? 
A 65-year-old acting professor, chain-smoking in a violet pashmina.

Plano, Texas

Describe your drag persona. 
Regina is your sarcastic, dry, quick-witted aunt. She’ll always have a quip ready to fire, or a seemingly random story to tell that goes on far too long. She’s dramatic, she’s theatrical, and she’s unabashedly herself.

How are you involved in the local performing-arts scene?
Over five years ago I founded The Broad’s Way, Houston’s only musical- theater revue that combines both drag and live singing. We’ve been performing weekly since then, including almost nine months of digital shows during the height of the COVID pandemic.

Outside of that, for three seasons now I’ve been the host of Out@TUTS, an event that happens at Theatre Under the Stars during the run of each of their shows. I’m also a proud patron of many theaters around the city, and have even had the opportunity to work on- and off-stage with some of them.

You recently rocked a beard. Did you notice any differences pre- and post-beard during your performances?
When I host and perform, the beard is somehow another part of the armor that helps me entertain to my maximum ability.

And it helps that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. [The beard has caused] a shift in how people interact with me; some people love it, and some people think it ruined my look. However, for me, it has been a massive boost to my drag style and my confidence, both in and out of drag.

What have you learned from drag that you use in your everyday life? 
Confidence is something you can’t get from others. You can rent it from them temporarily, but true confidence is something that comes from you. Ryan became infinitely more confident after Regina started succeeding.

Favorite drag performer in the media?
It has to be Coco Peru; she’s a legend. Growing up closeted and not really knowing what it meant to be gay, or what a drag queen was, I used to sneakily watch movies on LOGO when my parents weren’t home. One of those movies was Trick, in which Coco Peru stars as herself with a rather raunchy monologue about a rendezvous with a man.

When you’re not in drag, what do you do?
I’m a professional freelance stage manager. I’ve been lucky enough to work at places like the Houston Grand Opera, The Alley, and even with companies out of state. In fact, I’ve got a full year of contracts lined up working here in Houston, and I’m ecstatic to be doing so. Theater is my life, both in and out of drag.

What is Houston’s best-kept drag secret?
There’s this store that sells size 12 and 13 women’s shoes. It’s an incredibly well-kept secret—so well-kept that after eight years, I still don’t know where it is. If you’re in the scene and reading this, can you please help?

Where can fans see you perform?   
Every Monday night at Michael’s Outpost for The Broad’s Way.

Follow Regina on Instagram @ReginaThorneDubois and on Twitter @ReginaTDubois.


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