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Texas School Board Refuses “In God We Trust” Signs Illustrated with Pride Flag Colors

Carroll ISD also refuses to allow book written by grandson of former slave to be read at the school named after him.

When local resident Sravan Krishna spoke at the school board meeting on Monday night, he tried to donate more signs with the phrase. These signs were illustrated with colors from the LGBTQ pride and trans pride flags. One was written in Arabic.

The school board rejected them saying they were not required to accept them, although there’s a Texas law that says school districts are required to display donated signs that read “In God We Trust.”

“This is very clearly a very discriminatory and bigoted action against others in the community that are not Christian nationalists,” Krishna was quoted saying in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The school board is also reviewing removing the book Life is So Good, a memoir by George Dawson, the grandson of a former slave. Dawson didn’t learn to read until he was 98 and then wrote Life is So Good. 

Carroll ISD named a middle school after Dawson. Because Life is So Good includes a chapter describing the lynching of a childhood friend, the Carroll ISD board determined the book was inappropriate for students including those at the school bearing his name. 


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