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LGBTQ Houston Groups Protest the Likely SCOTUS Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Abortion care resources are still available locally.

Kindred, an LGBTQ-affirming Christian community, is offering supportive resources for abortion care in Houston’s Montrose gayborhood.

Local LGBTQ-affirming organizations are speaking out against the leaked draft of the U.S. Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on abortion. 

The leaked initial draft of the majority opinion was written by Justice Samuel Alito and obtained by POLITICO on May 2. Activists around the nation—including pro-equality groups in Houston—have been protesting the likely decision, which would reverse the 1973 decision that guaranteed federal constitutional protections for abortion rights. 

“This leaked opinion is horrifying and unprecedented,” announced Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (PPGC), which hosted a pro-choice rally in Houston on May 3. “It confirms our worst fears: that the Court is prepared to end the constitutional right of abortion by overturning Roe v. Wade.”

If Roe v. Wade were overturned, state laws would determine where abortion remains legal. Texas has some of the strictest abortion laws in the country, and due to Texas Senate Bill 8 going into effect last September, the right to terminate after six weeks of pregnancy is banned.  

However, abortion is currently legal in Texas, PPGC notes, and that organization will continue performing abortions. “You, and only you, should control your personal medical decisions. No politicians, no bans, and no court ruling should interfere with your ability to access abortion. We’re here for you, with care and resources to access the care you need.”

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast offers a variety of healthcare services, including gender-affirming care for transgender adults. 

Safe, accessible abortions are a human right, said the Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT), a Houston-based organization dedicated to furthering gender-diverse equality in Texas. “Abortions should be accessible to all people who have decided that’s what is best for their own body. Whether trans or cis, bodily autonomy is a crucial human right that is under attack in Texas and throughout the country. We want folks to know that the [Supreme Court] opinion has not been officially published yet, it is not an official opinion, and if you have a scheduled appointment, do not cancel it.”

Kindred, an LGBTQ-affirming Christian community, is offering supportive resources for abortion care in Houston’s Montrose gayborhood. Kindred leaders shared on Facebook that abortion is also an LGBTQ issue. “People of all genders need and have abortions. There are nonbinary people, there are trans men, there are cis women, genderqueer, and intersex folks, too.”

The Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus, an organization dedicated to putting pro-equality candidates into office, said in a statement that it was deeply troubled by the leaked draft. 

“The South will suffer the greatest, as [our local] elected leadership has consistently demonstrated that the right to choose what is best for both your body and life is irrelevant,” said Caucus board member Joëlle Espeut. “This is the time for everyone who supports an individual’s right to choose their own healthcare options to speak up and out, to organize, attend rallies, write their elected officials, register voters, vote, fundraise, and decide where you can make a difference. This is serious, and it affects everyone.”

The Caucus urged members and supporters to vote for The Caucus’ slate of endorsed candidates, as well as donate to abortion-care funds in Texas and surrounding states. 

For local abortion care resources, visit Kindred Montrose in person or click on the links below: 

Avow Texas

Buckle Bunnies

Clinic Access Support Network 

Frontera Fund

Fund Texas Choice

Houston Women’s Clinic

Jane’s Due Process

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

Stigma Relief Fund

Support Your Sistah

Texas Equal Access Fund 

The Afiya Center

The Bridge Collective

The Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equality 

West Fund

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