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DJ Rocabye Opens and Closes Houston’s First Black Queer Music Festival

The mixing master unites listeners through her versatile tracks.

DJ Rocabye (courtesy photo)

DJ Rocabye will be opening and closing The Normal Anomaly’s Black Queer+ Advancement Music Festival with her popular mixes and mash-ups that are sure to get the vibe right. 

Rocabye, 47, says she is known for her mixes that combine different styles of music in unexpected and exciting ways. 

“I am known for my versatile style and my mixing. I can take an R&B song and mix it with a pop song. Or a country song and mix it with hip hop. So basically I can play to audiences of all types,” she says. 

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Originally from Indianapolis, Rocabye always had a love for music. Luckily, she made an early connection with a local radio DJ who helped show her the ropes. She has been spinning since 2005, and moved to Houston in 2011.  

“What I love about what I do is connecting people to music. I like introducing them to new songs, and with my mixes I can also bring back old songs that remind people of a time in their lives they may have forgotten about. Music has the ability to bring different cultures of people together in a way that nothing else can,” she emphasizes. Because her music can elevate some of the happiest days in people’s lives, she has found a great deal of success DJing on the wedding circuit. 

DJ Rocabye doesn’t spin in clubs as much anymore, but she is the resident DJ for The Normal Anomaly and is excited to be providing music throughout their upcoming festival. Her goal is to elevate the experience for all festival attendees. This Black Queer AF Music Festival is the first of its kind in Houston, and DJ Rocabye promises to make it special. 

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What: Black Queer+ Advancement Music Festival
When: April 30, 3–7 p.m.
Where: Stampede Houston, 11925-B Eastex Fwy. 
Tickets: $25–$75 (use code “Presale” for $10 off) 

Black Queer+ Advancement Music Festival is sponsored by ViiV Healthcare accelerate Initiative, Gilead COMPASS Initiative, Impulse Group Houston, COVID-19 Prevention Network, Legacy Community Health, AIDS Foundation Houston, and OutSmart Magazine.

This article appears in the April 2022 edition of OutSmart magazine.

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