Gayest & Greatest 2021

Gayest & Greatest 2021: Health and Beauty Part II

Gian Quiteno helps clients achieve their fitness goals.

Gian Quiteno (photo by Alex Rosa)

Best Male Personal Trainer

Gian Quiteno is a gay Houstonian to watch out for. In addition to being selected by OutSmart readers as Best Male Personal Trainer for 2021, Gian also owns a small business, King Underwear, which caters to clients who are looking to spice things up under their clothes. With his help, they can get a great body and some great skivvies to match.

“What I love most [about being a personal trainer] is being able to incorporate fitness into people’s lifestyles—make it something that they want to keep doing, even if we are no longer training together. Something about seeing your body change, and feeling better and stronger, makes you want to keep that commitment to yourself,” says Quiteno.

Part of the joy he experiences in training clients is seeing how they transform themselves. He has clients who have never stepped foot in a gym and are now able to perform all types of exercises for the first time ever. That gives Quiteno what he calls “a proud trainer moment.” 

But sometimes his commitment to clients can get in the way of his own progress. “A challenge I have is finding time to train myself. I find myself putting more energy into helping others achieve their goals, and I forget to focus on my own fitness goals sometimes. I joke to my clients that I let them drain me of my fitness powers so they can have a better body. And I’m OK with that!” 

After earning his National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certificate three years ago, Quiteno has built up his client base while at the same time building a business. King Underwear, which he started with his partner, Donald Simon, was this year’s OutSmart finalist for Best Men’s Clothing Store and Best Online Clothing Store. 

“We started King Underwear in November 2020. It’s a little COVID project we decided to work on together. We both appreciate a great pair of underwear, and we figured why not create our own? We named it after our dog, King!” says Quiteno.

Their clientele is not limited to only men, however.

“We have had everyone buy our underwear. Cis and transgender men and women have all told us how much they love the feel, fit, and style,” Quiteno notes. “Our goal is for everyone to feel like a king when they wear our underwear.” 

Contact Quiteno on Instagram @GNQFIT or email [email protected] for more information on personal training and King Underwear.


Best Female Massage Therapist

Robin Mack
Finalist: Veronica Triplett

Best Male Massage Therapist

Ryan Fugate
Finalists: Tom Zeppelin, John Aaron Villareal

Best Female Personal Trainer

Danielle Sampey
Finalists: Melanie Jackson, Felicia Lee-Sexton

Best Male Personal Trainer

Gian Quiteno
Finalists: Andrew Hayes, Cody Soutar

Best Male Physical Therapist

Roy Rivera Jr.

Best Gym/Place to Work Out

FIT Athletic
Finalists: Body E Fitness, Club Houston, LA Fitness, Lifetime Fitness

Best Yoga Studio

BIG Power Yoga
Finalist: Black Swan Yoga

Best Emergency or Urgent-Care Center

SignatureCare Emergency Center
Finalists: Montrose ER 24-Hour, UTMB Health Urgent Care

Best Pharmacy

Avita Pharmacy (tie), Legacy Pharmacy (tie)
Finalists: Scott Read Pharmacy, Walgreens Pharmacy at CrofootMD, Walgreens

Best Female Hair Stylist

Celina Arzola (tie), Jacky Madrid (tie)
Finalists: Darcy Eaves, Patty Gooch, Alanna Hardcastle

Best Male Hair Stylist

Reza Nouri
Finalists: Mikey Nold, Cabe Nowlan, Adrian Santos, Anthony Skoogie, Christopher Michael Stribling

Best Tattoo Parlor

Electric Chair
Finalists: Arts by Meg, Corazones Tattoo, Scorpion

Best Chiropractor

Alexia McClerkin
Finalist: Airrosti Washington

Best Cosmetic Skin-Care Center

SkinCeuticals SkinLab at West Ave.
Finalists: Skin Renaissance, Skin Renewal Center

Best Male Aesthetic Physician

Patrick McNamara 

Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Forrest S. Roth
Finalists: Fred Aguilar, Franklin Rose, Scott Yarish

Best Female Dentist

Cynthia Corral
Finalist: Daniella Farias

Best Male Dentist

Sam Carrell (tie), Marcus de Guzman (tie)
Finalists: Alex Barrera, Austin Faulk, Cory Logan, Randy Mitchmore 

For a full list of winners, go here.

This article appears in the October 2021 edition of OutSmart magazine.


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