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Blocks of Desire: A Naughty Board Game for Gay Couples

Regular sex is one of the great joys of being in a committed relationship. Who knows where we would be if we couldn’t sneak in some action right before bed or just after we wake up? It’s true that sex is an important element to a loving partnership, but keeping things fresh and exciting in the sex department can be tricky. While this is a perfectly normal challenge to encounter, getting it right will benefit you both in a massive way. Above all, a major struggle for long-term couples can be maintaining the spontaneity and variety of sex. Once the time of day and the sex positions get predictable then you know it is time to try and mix things up!

That’s where Blocks of Desire comes into play.

The new adult board game, which is one of the first specifically for gay males, has been designed to help long-term couples to enrich the sexual side of their relationship and inject some newfound spontaneity into the bedroom.

Before you purchase Blocks of Desire, just know it is not for the faint-hearted. It will really take your sex life to new levels, so if you are eager to hear more, please read on. (Spoiler alert: the game will leave you both feeling extremely satisfied, both in a physical and romantic way.)

The game itself couldn’t be much easier to enjoy, players start by building a tower from the blocks and then take turns trying to remove a block from the top. However, the temperature quickly heats up as each block that is removed from the tower corresponds to a romantic question or kinky sex move from either the “nice list” or the “naughty list.” As players remove each block from the tower, they read the sex move or romantic question from the list of their choice and perform this action together.  The lists offer varying intensity levels and greater choice of sex moves which means you can play this game again and again. Couples can also choose to agree to a forfeit in advance for whoever topples the tower at the end.

The best part about the game was how it combines a truly enjoyable board game with devilishly naughty sex moves and intimate questions. The questions make for a genuinely romantic evening where you’ll be quickly speaking about your love for each other! Not only is the romance covered, but the sex moves also offer variety and spontaneity which are two of the healthiest ingredients when it comes to your sex lives!

We recommend that you pick a special night to play the game so you have time to plan the perfect romantic evening together. Light some candles, dim the lights, and let the game look after everything else!

If you and your partner are ready to experience a uniquely naughty and enjoyable night in together, then Blocks of Desire is the perfect tonic. The game is also compact, so can be easily packed into your bag for your next dirty weekend away.

Blocks of Desire is available online now at


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