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Funding Grants Available to Local LGBTQ Nonprofits

Texas Pride Impact Funds is accepting applications through May 31.

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Texas Pride Impact Funds (TPIF) is now accepting applications for grants that will benefit local LGBTQ nonprofits. 

TPIF, a Houston-based organization that seeks to expand opportunities within the LGBTQ community, announced in a March press release that it would again provide funding to eligible LGBTQ-affirming Texas groups that apply for grants by May 31.

During this fourth annual grants cycle, TPIF is implementing lessons learned from 2020 in responding to the complex effects of COVID-19 on LGBTQ nonprofits facing economic hardship compounded by systemic racism and transgender discrimination. This year’s online application was also simplified to prioritize funding for groups engaged in rural outreach and social-justice initiatives, “where the greatest gaps in services and support are known to exist.” 

“The goal of TPIF’s grant program is to invest in community-building efforts with an eye toward supporting BIPOC-led organizations and other nonprofits addressing persistent issues in healthcare, mental health, economic security, seniors, and LGBTQIA youth, while advancing systemic change on issues of racial injustice,” said Judy Sherman, TPIF’s vice president. “The health and future of the LGBTQ+ community in Texas is in the hands of nonprofit partners who do so much with so little. Very few public foundations in Texas will fund LGBTQ+ nonprofits and programs; therefore, our ability to lift up this vital work is more important than ever.” 

TPIF selected 26 organizations in 2020—including Houston’s Fundación Latinoamericana de Acción Social, Montrose Grace Place, and the Montrose Center—to receive a total of $120,000 in grants. Later that year, TPIF partnered with Equality Texas to launch the Queer Texas Crisis Fund, which awarded an additional $47,500 to provide emergency funding for LGBTQ Texas groups. 

This year’s grants will be awarded in late September.

TPIF launched in 2015 as a community foundation for LGBTQ Texans to connect organizations and community leaders with philanthropic donors across the state. Now in its fourth year of operation, the group continues to build a statewide network aimed at empowering local queer leaders and organizers to share practices, methodologies, and contacts for more effective collaboration.

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Lourdes Zavaleta

Lourdes Zavaleta is the managing editor of OutSmart magazine.
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