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Montrose’s “Disco Kroger” to Close in Mid-January

Officials say the grocery store had been losing money for some time.

Concluding a long night of bar hopping in Houston’s gayborhood won’t be the same next year. The beloved Montrose Boulevard “Disco Kroger” (as it has been known since its late-’70s heyday) is set to close in mid-January 2021, according to news reports

The once 24-hour store, which opened in 1978, is well-known for its diverse late-night crowds that include drag performers, nightclub-goers, and other colorful characters. 

Unfortunately, that location had been losing money for some time, company officials said in a statement. “We never want to close any of our stores. However, to keep prices low for our customers across the city, we cannot continue to operate a store that has lost money for a sustained period of time.”

The Montrose Kroger is the latest in central Houston to close permanently during 2020. In July, the Fiesta Mart on San Jacinto Street also closed. 

The Montrose Kroger employees will be offered jobs at other Kroger locations, according to the company. 

The Houston area has more than 100 Kroger stores, including a location a little less than two miles away in the 1900 block of West Gray. Pharmacy customers at the Montrose location will have their records moved to the West Gray store once the closure is complete.

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