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10 LGBTQ Women Won Their Texas Races

Ann Johnson, Kelli Johnson, and Kim Ogg make rainbow waves in Harris County.

Ann Johnson (l), Kelli Johnson, and Kim Ogg

At least 10 LGBTQ Texas candidates—including three from Harris County—won their races in Tuesday’s general election. 

These candidates were all Democratic women endorsed by the Victory Fund, a political advocacy organization that works to get LGBTQ politicians elected into office. Earlier this year, the group endorsed 19 LGBTQ Texas candidates

The Texas House of Representatives will now have six out members. In addition to the five incumbent founders of Texas’ first LGBTQ caucus—Mary Gonzalez (HD 75), Jessica Gonzalez (HD 104), Celia Israel (HD 50), Julie Johnson (HD 115), and Erin Zweiner (HD 45)—Houston’s Ann Johnson (HD 134), an out lesbian who defeated Republican incumbent Sarah Davis by 52 to 48 percent, will join the growing LGBTQ coalition when the Legislature convenes in January.   

Kelli Johnson, the out incumbent judge of Harris County’s 178th Congressional District, ran unopposed for that position. She is one of three LGBTQ Texas judges who won their races. Selena Alvarenga, a gay woman, won her race for district court judge of Travis County’s 460th Judicial District, and Paty Baca, a lesbian woman, won her race for judge of El Paso County’s 346th District Court. 

Incumbent Kim Ogg, a lesbian woman who serves as Harris County’s District Attorney, defeated Republican incumbent Mary Nan Huffman with 54 percent of the vote. 

Incumbent Jimmy Flannigan, a gay Austin city councilmember, advanced to a December 13 runoff election against challenger Mackenzie Kelly. 

Nationwide, there were at least 570 openly LGBTQ candidates on the November 3 ballot, according to the Victory Fund. “Last night, LGBTQ candidates made historic inroads in state legislatures across the country, winning in states and chambers where we never have before,” Annise Parker, president and CEO of the Victory Fund, said in a statement.

Here are the 11 LGBTQ Texas candidates who won their races: 

Selena Alvarenga – Travis County District Court Judge 
Paty Baca – Texas 346th District Court Judge
Mary Gonzalez – Texas House of Representatives, District 32
Jessica Gonzalez – Texas House of Representatives, District 104
Celia Israel – Texas House of Representatives, District 50
Julie Johnson – Texas House of Representatives, District 115
Ann Johnson – Texas House of Representatives, District 134
Kelli Johnson – Harris County Criminal Court, District 178 
Kim Ogg – Harris County District Attorney 
Erin Zwiener – Texas House of Representatives, District 45

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Lourdes Zavaleta

Lourdes Zavaleta is the managing editor of OutSmart magazine.

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