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Funding Group Awards $120,000 in Emergency Grants to Local LGBTQ Nonprofits

Texas Pride Impact Funds responds to COVID-19 pandemic.

TPIF awarded Houston’s Montrose Center $7,500 to help fund programs like the SPRY Montrose Diner, which delivers meals to LGBTQ seniors (Facebook).

An LGBTQ Texas funding group has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by awarding emergency grants totaling $120,000 to 26 nonprofits from across the Lone Star State. 

Texas Pride Impact Funds (TPIF), a Houston-based organization that seeks to expand opportunities for queer folks through financial suppors, announced in an April 20 Facebook Live that the group voted to suspend its 2020 competitive grants, and instead give the funds to LGBTQ organizations that are serving vulnerable communities as a result of the pandemic. 

“The coronavirus pandemic is magnifying the problems that already existed surrounding basic needs, food, shelter and employment for the LGBTQ community,” said TPIF president Ron Guillard. “A major concern is how the crisis is compounding inequality and endangering LGBTQ communities of color who already face multiple, complex barriers.” 

Watch TPIF’s Facebook Live announcement below:

Recipients of TPIF’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund come from smaller cities around the state, as well as organizations serving multi-county regions in the urban centers of Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio. 

A list of the TPIF’s grant recipients is available below: 

  • Abounding Prosperity (Dallas) $3,000
  • allgo (Austin) $3,000
  • AIDS Services (Austin) $5,000
  • Black Trans Advocacy Council (Dallas) $3,000
  • Borderland Rainbow Center (El Paso) $10,000
  • Coalition for Aging LGBT (Dallas) $5,500
  • Communities of Color United: Coalition for Racial Justice (Austin) $2,500
  • Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation (Corpus Christi) $7,500
  • Dallas Hope Charities $3,000
  • Dune’s LGBT Homeless Solutions Foundation (Fort Worth) $5,000
  • Eagle Pass SAFE $3,000
  • Fundación Latinoamericana De Acción Social (Houston) $1,500
  • Legacy Counseling Center (Dallas) $5,500
  • Lesbian Health Initiative (Houston) $2,500
  • MCC San Antonio (San Antonio) $5,000
  • Montrose Center (Houston) $7,500
  • Montrose Grace Place (Houston) 5,500
  • Out in West Texas (Midland) $1,500
  • Pride Center (San Antonio) $5,000
  • Pride Community Clinic, UT Health (San Antonio) $7,500
  • Resource Center (Dallas) $7,500
  • River City Advocacy (New Braunfels) $5,000
  • Texas Tech LGBTQIA (Lubbock) $1,500
  • Thrive Youth Center (San Antonio) $5,500
  • Trans Pride Initiative (Dallas) $3,000
  • Waterloo Counseling Center (Austin) $5,500


Lourdes Zavaleta

Lourdes Zavaleta is the managing editor of OutSmart magazine.
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