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Behind the Bar: October 2019

Caroline Gaston, Postino Wine Bar - Montrose

Caroline Gaston

What is your favorite wine to serve? Favorite cocktail to drink?
Favorite to serve: Nebbiolo (an Italian Red)
Favorite to drink: Mezcal Paloma (Mezcal over fresh grapefruit juice)

Where is your favorite place to drink when not on-duty?
Bar Boheme

What is a current bar drink trend you’d like to see end?
I wouldn’t be upset if people stopped ordering White Russians and Buttery Nipples.

What are you best known for?
My personality, and especially my quick wit.

What is the best and worst holiday to work? Why?
Best holiday is Halloween because “they all come out!”
Worst holiday is 4th of July because I miss the fireworks that I love!”

Biggest tip from one customer?
$120 on a $30 tab from four cougars!

Who are the hardest customers to please?
The customers that just don’t know what they want!

If you weren’t a bartender…what career would you choose?
I’m in nursing school now. But I have also served six years in the military and have been a paramedic and a personal trainer.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, one giant polar bear, “Doug” —a 130-lb. Great Pyrenees.

What is the best part about working at this bar?
There is nothing I don’t like about Postino. The vibe and the people are amazing. I want to come to work here!

Postino Wine Bar
805 Pacific Street


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