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New Amazon Prime Series Depicts LGBTQ Life in Houston

'30' explores the relationship dynamics among a trio of lesbian, bi, queer, and curious girlfriends.

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Primary Cast: Sonie Black (played by Aryka Randall), Carmen Cruz (played by Whitney Hicks) and Brooklyn Sanchez (played by Angelita Cardenas).

Don’t be surprised if you see film crews and actors in the gayborhood throughout May and June. Amazon is producing the pilot for 30, a new LGBTQ series in which Space City plays a starring role. 

Shooting locations include Pearl Bar and Brasil, as well as the usual Houston tourist spots. Viewers will also notice how the show depicts the ethnic diversity that Houston is known for.

30 explores the relationship dynamics among a trio of lesbian, bi, queer, and curious girlfriends. Based on author Aryka Randall’s 2016 book She’s Just Not That Into You, the Amazon series tells a tale of love, friendship, and spiritual growth after turning 30. Randall now serves as the show’s creator, executive producer, and one of its main characters.  

Relying heavily on themes from the book, 30 documents the ups and downs of trying to maintain a healthy relationship with one’s self before entering into a relationship with someone else.

“Do you remember when you were turning 30? Was that the first time you considered yourself to be a ‘real’ adult’?” asks Randall.    

“We’ve found that 30 is very relatable. Older crowds remember their younger years while taking a walk down memory lane. Twenty-something viewers admire the characters on the show while secretly dreading the ‘Big Three-O.’ Thirty-somethings have a great time laughing at all the messed-up shit they are currently dealing with,” Randall observes. 

Test audiences across the U.S. have compared 30 to shows like Insecure, Sex and the City, and of course The L Word. They have also remarked about the show’s honesty.

“There aren’t many shows on TV that depict 30-something women doing anything besides f–king random people they meet online. While sex sells, and we all enjoy a good orgasm from time to time, there are interesting things that take place in a woman’s mind when she approaches 30.  

“Our main goal here is to create a chronicle that explores the healthy dynamics of life, as well as the love and friendship among young women from every walk of life,” Randall concludes. 

30 will be streamed on Amazon Prime this fall, and producers are currently raising funds to finish the first season. 

“We would love to have everyone be a part of our fundraising campaign,” Randall adds. “If you’re unable to contribute financially, we always need help on the set, spreading the word to friends, or helping secure shot locations. We can’t wait to have OutSmart readers become a part of our journey. Please feel free to email our team at [email protected] We’ll see you then!”

Watch the ’30’ Pilot below: 

This article appears in the May 2019 edition of OutSmart magazine.


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