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Gay Houston Activist’s #TrumpTweetTruck, Featuring Attacks on Cruz, Hits the Road

Antonio Arellano raised $10K for mobile billboard after president announced rally in support of GOP senator.

During the Republican presidential primary in 2016, a feud emerged between candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz that was unlike any other in political history. The two men went after each other viciously—Cruz with his smug superiority, and Trump with his bullying and vulgarity. Like most things with Trump, much of the feud played out on Twitter, and now that Cruz is in a serious race for his Senate seat against Democratic Congressman Beto O’Rourke, Trump’s tweets are bubbling up and hitting the road.

Gay Houston activist Antonio Arellano, 27, is responsible for the #TrumpTweetTruck, which rolled out Wednesday, Sept. 12 in Dallas. The truck calls attention to Trump’s past attacks on Cruz. During the GOP primary, Trump insulted Cruz’s wife Heidi, implicated his father in the JFK assassination, and coined his own nickname for Texas’ junior senator, “Lyin’ Ted.”

The timing of the truck coincides with Trump’s recent endorsement of Cruz, who is rabidly anti-LGBTQ. Earlier this month, Trump announced on Twitter that he planned to hold a rally in support of Cruz in October in the largest stadium in Texas.

Antonio Arellano (

“I thought, this would be a great way to send a message to the masses in regards to where Trump once stood on Cruz,” Arellano said.

The largest stadium in Texas is Kyle Field in College Station. However, Trump has not said where the rally is going to be—or when. But Arellano’s followers on social media were enthusiastic about the idea, so he launched an online fundraiser. That’s when Parkland shooting survivor and gun control activist David Hogg connected with Arellano.

“David had a similar sentiment on his page, so I reached out and sent him a link to the campaign and asked if he wanted to help and he did,” Arellano said. “He sent out our link and in under 24 hours we raised close to $10,000.”

This exceeded Arellano’s original goal of $6,000. The idea also evolved from a billboard into a truck that can travel around the state. It has already started roving around Dallas. The truck will run eight hours a day, 40 hours a week. This weekend, it will stop at the Dallas Cowboys game and the Dallas Pride celebration.

Then, the truck will travel to Houston. Although stops have yet to be determined, people can follow the truck’s progress using the hashtag #TrumpTweetTruck, or on Facebook and Instagram at @USALatinx. People are encouraged to interact with the truck and follow the example of the president, by tweeting out their photos.



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