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UPDATED: Trump Supporter Allegedly Wields Knife, Attacks Car Outside Kathy Griffin Show

Houston police still looking for suspect in MAGA hat, Trump shirt.


UPDATE, AUG. 22: The Trump supporter who allegedly brandished a knife and kicked a patron’s vehicle outside Kathy Griffin’s Houston show on Monday, Aug. 20 says he doesn’t feel he did anything wrong, and is cooperating with a police investigation.

Carl Pacheco (Facebook)

Carl Pacheco was wearing a “Make American Great Again” hat and a shirt bearing the president’s image outside Griffin’s show at Jones Hall. After a patron who was leaving the show yelled an expletive at Pacheco, he responded by calling the woman a “c–t.” He then allegedly approached her vehicle, kicked the front passenger-side door, and banged a knife against the window.

Pacheco told OutSmart on Wednesday he believes it’s interesting that “white middle-aged people” are being presented as the victims, while he’s being “demonized” and portrayed as “a neo-Nazi.” Pacecho said he is a gay Latino immigrant.

“I am cooperating with the police investigation,” Pacheco said. “I don’t feel I’ve done anything wrong based on the laws and the circumstances of what happened.”

Pacheco declined further comment and referred additional questions to his attorney, Michael Mercer.

Mercer said he’s confident that no charges will be filed. He suggested that Pacheco acted in self-defense after the alleged victim began shouting obscenities at him.

“[Carl] went to that concert expecting to be able to have political conversations with people who were there, which is something that everybody should be able to do, and unfortunately that wasn’t able to happen,” Mercer said, adding that he believes the alleged victims “had too much to drink and got offended” by Pacheco’s attire.

“You should have the right to go express yourself at a concert, as long as you do so peacefully and politely,” Mercer said. “Hopefully the police will give us an opportunity to tell our side of the story.”

HPD spokesman Victor Senties said earlier Wednesday that the case remains under investigation. Richard Nunez, one of the alleged victims, said he removed a video of the incident from public display on YouTube at the request of HPD.


An apparent supporter of President Donald Trump allegedly wielded a knife and attacked a patron’s vehicle as the victim was leaving comedian Kathy Griffin’s show in Houston on Monday night.

In a video posted to YouTube by Richard Nunez, the suspect can be seen wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and a shirt bearing Trump’s image.

Here’s how Nunez described the incident on YouTube:

After the Kathy Griffin show, this guy in a Trump t-shirt and MAGA hat was INSIDE the concert venue, but outside the concert hall as all the people were exiting. We were one of the last few to exit the hall and made a comment to ourselves like “Whaaat is he wearing?” and “Is that for real?” and he responded with a comment similar to “Do you want a political debate?” I told my group that he just wants a confrontation. Other people were making similar comments. But, we were continuing on making our exit through the front doors and planning our departure. I was telling my group where to wait for me while I told them that I would go fetch the vehicle and pick them up at the curb in front of the venue. We finally made it to the outside steps leading to the underground parking garage. At the same time the Trump person exited the venue and walked out with the rest of the crowd. Again, my wife made a comment and I told her he was there to agitate people. I left to the underground parking garage alone. I came and picked up my wife and friends. I have dashcam footage of loading them into our vehicle, and I caught the audio of the attach, but not the action. The dashcam recorded the video (I will post later and concatenate) of the front and rear windshields, but the attack was on the side of the vehicle, out of view. As my wife entered the vehicle, she closed the passenger door and rolled down her window. She made a derogatory statement to the Trump supporter and he made another derogatory statement right back. And that is how it should have ended, but the Trump supporter kicked the passenger door and at the same time my wife flipped the switch to raise the passenger window. As the window was rising, but not yet closed, the Trump supporter had some sort of switch bladed knife on him and jabbed it at the window, but luckily the rising window shielded my wife from the stab!!!! The security guard on duty witnessed the door kicking and thought it was a friend that was trying to get our attention, but as you watch the video, we did not know who he was. I just wanted to get away, but instead made the block as the police were called and started recording on my cell phone. Think about this: What was he doing inside a Kathy Griffin show wearing Trump supporting clothing? What was he doing inside a venue WITH A KNIFE?!?! Did he have a ticket? How did he get past security? My wife’s purse was looked into, but none of the men were? Why was he carrying some sort of light jacket on a hot summer evening? Concealing something? Why was he hanging around inside the venue AFTER the show had ended as we were exiting? It looks as if he were waiting for someone to come out of the concert hall to me. If you ask me: It looks like he wanted to hurt Kathy Griffin.

Victor Senties, a spokesman for the Houston Police Department, said Michele Nunez was leaving Jones Hall at about 11:30 p.m. when she yelled an expletive at the suspect as she was walking toward the vehicle, which her husband Richard had pulled up to the curb.

Senties declined to say what the expletive was. After Michele Nunez got in, the suspect walked over and kicked the passenger-side door of the vehicle, and began poking at the window with a knife.

“He didn’t try to stab her. He was poking at the window,” Senties said.

As of early Tuesday afternoon, HPD had not located or identified the suspect, Senties said.

“We do have a case open, and there is a follow-up investigation that needs to be done,” he said.

Nunez later provided OutSmart with a separate dashcam video of the incident, but asked that it not be made public.

In the dashcam video, Michele Nunez can be heard saying, “Hey asshole, fuck Trump.”

The suspect responds, “Fuck you, fucking c–t.”

At that point, Richard Nunez said, the suspect approached and kicked the vehicle.

“Fuck you,” Michele Nunez says.

“Oh my God,” she adds, over the apparent sound of the suspect’s knife hitting against the window.

As they drive off, Michele Nunez and another passenger tell Richard Nunez to stop and call police.

“What did he do?” Richard Nunez says.

“He took a knife and went to the window,” Michele Nunez says.

Richard Nunez then drives around the block before coming back to confront the suspect and the security guard.

This is a developing story and will be updated as new information becomes available. 

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