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Out Houston DJ Nicky Bryant Knows Music Can Bring People Together

DJ Rocabye heads to Plezzure Island after Pride festival performance.

Nicky Bryant, aka DJ Rocabye, has been spinning since she was barely 13.

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, she moved to Indianapolis after attending the Indiana Institute of Technology. It might not sound like the kind of school where musicians are made, but the degree was all about her day job.

Although Bryant works as an application engineer, her true love is deejaying. She moved to Houston nearly seven years ago. At that point, she had never even been to Texas, and never dreamed of relocating here. But after visiting to help on a project, she was offered a job, and she’s been an H-Town girl ever since.

Bryant is the resident DJ for the social group L.O.C. (Lesbians of Color). She recently performed for one of the biggest crowds in her career, entertaining at Pride Houston 2018. “I really fed off the crowd. The energy was amazing,” adding that she has decided she wants to perform more often at events like Pride.

She’ll be deejaying at Plezzure Island, a lesbian festival, from September 27-30 on South Padre Island. If you can’t wait until then, you can catch her every second Friday of the month at Guava Lamp, where she hosts a dance party with two other women.

Bryant says she had a love for music throughout her childhood and decided she wanted to become a DJ while listeing to “mix shows” on the radio. “I thought it was so cool to be able to mix to songs together which would then basically make that song like a remix and give the original song a totally different sound.”

Everything Bryant has done throughout her life has involved music in one way or another. “When I became a DJ, I was able to incorporate all the different types of music that I had been exposed to and come to enjoy. Become a DJ was really easy for me because I already knew so much music from all genres and all time periods, which is one of the keys to being a good DJ. You can be so creative through your music no matter if you play an instrument, sing, produce, or DJ.”

Although Bryant loves filling up a dance floor, she says her music is about so much more.

“I think it brings different races together, it’s used as motivation, music is used to pass on knowledge,” she says.

To keep up with Bryant, visit her Facebook page.





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