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UPDATED: Anti-LGBTQ Group Shuts Down Survey on Drag Queen Storytime, Houston Pride

Houston Area Pastor Council seeks input on priorities.

UPDATE, 10:34 a.m., Aug. 1: Sadly, it appears the Houston Area Pastor Council has closed the survey. We’d love to see the results, but somehow we doubt the group will be sharing them. Good work, everyone.

ORIGINAL POST: The anti-LGBTQ Houston Area Pastor Council is conducting a survey on issues including Drag Queen Storytime, and participation by city officials in Pride parades. Although the survey appears to be intended for Pastor Council members, the SurveyMonkey.com page is open to everyone.

Earlier this month, the Pastor Council attacked the Houston Public Library’s Drag Queen Storytime program, as well as Mayor Sylvester Turner and Police Chief Art Acevedo for appearing at Houston Pride.

“We need your views on a number of strategic questions that help us determine how we direct time and resources, so we are not just simply always putting out the proverbial brush fire,” the group wrote in an email on Tuesday, July 31. “We have always operated under a dual ‘Response/Prevention’ mode so take immediate action when needed yet concentrating on a redemptive plan to deal with root causes of our cultural crisis. Please take a few minutes as soon as possible to complete this pastoral survey and we will let you know the results when ready. Thank you for your leadership in this ministry, to your church family and to the community, state and nation!”

Questions on the survey include:

• Do you believe that public libraries, funded with tax dollars, should have adult-themed speakers, featured guests, etc. such as “Drag Queens” for programs designed for pre-adolescent children as young as two years old?

• Should the Mayor, police and fire departments participate in their official capacity, with official uniforms, squad cars and emergency vehicles, participate in the LGBTQ “Pride” parade held in each major city?

Submit your responses here.


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