Pastor Attacks Texas Town’s First LGBTQ Pride, Compares Gays to Adulterers

By John Wright

Earlier this month, we told you how a record number of Texas cities will host LGBTQ Pride celebrations in 2018.

And we can now add at least one to our list: This Saturday, the PFLAG chapter in Boerne, a town of 10,000 in the Texas Hill County, will host a stroll down Main Street called “Boerne Pride – Walking Together.”

In advance of the town’s first-ever Pride event, The Boerne Star (subscription required) reached out to a local pastor—Rick Pfaff of Messiah Lutheran Church—to get his reaction.

“I would not participate or support a parade celebrating homosexual behavior in same-sex relationships any more than I would a march for liars, swindlers and cheaters or attend a convention of avowed adulterers,” Pfaff said in the front-page story. “According to God’s Word, to which I subscribe unconditionally, all of the things mentioned above are sins.

“I—and I believe our church—would welcome individuals struggling with the temptation of same sex attraction just as we would those struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, infidelity in marriage or any other sinful behavior,” Pfaff added. “What I would not do is water down Scripture and pretend that homosexual behavior is not a sin as clearly stated in several passages of Scripture.”

The organizers of Boerne Pride—two local PFLAG mothers—say it’s been difficult for them to find a meeting place for their group, due to the town’s anti-LGBTQ climate. They also say local schools are not accepting, and LGBTQ youth have no safe spaces.

If you’re headed to San Antonio Pride on Saturday, consider stopping by Boerne to support this event. Participants will gather outside the Boerne Public Library at 9:45 a.m.

For more info, go here.



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