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Dallas Gamer Suspended for Telling Gay Houston Player to ‘Suck a Fat C-ck’

Outlaws’ Austin Wilmot among few openly LGBTQ eSports competitors. 

By Lourdes Zavaleta

A member of the Houston Outlaws eSports team recently became the victim of an anti-gay verbal attack from a Dallas Fuel player who was suspended and fined as a result of the incident.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel, Fuel’s “Main Tank” in Blizzard’s newly formed Overwatch League, made the comments Jan. 18 toward gay Outlaws player Austin “Muma” Wilmot during a personal live stream on Twitch. Lengyel received a four-game suspension and a $2,000 fine from league officials, which was first reported by the Dallas Observer.

Following the Outlaws’ 4-0 victory against the Fuel, Lengyel responded to trash talk from Wilmot by saying, “Shut your fucking mouth. Go back there and suck a fat cock. You would like it.”

The Overwatch League released a statement saying that Lengyel would be disciplined for violating the league’s Code of Conduct. The Fuel followed the statement with an announcement that supported the league’s decision and doled out further punishment, suspending Lengyel for the entire first stage of the Overwatch League, which runs through February 10.

In the wake of Lengyel’s suspension, Wilmot reportedly received anti-gay messages online.

It’s actually really shocking how many people are in my dms, mentions and comments calling me slurs when I didn’t really do anything,” Wilmot wrote on his Twitter account.

The Houston player, who is the Outlaws’ “Main Tank,” later tweeted that support from his own followers has made up for the hateful comments.

“On the bright side, the positive support has been so much more incredible than the negative. Looking forward to our matches and the rest of the season. You’re all great,” Wilmot posted.

Friday morning, Lengyel tweeted an apology to Wilmot.

I didn’t say what I said on stream with malicious intent, I legit did not compute the whole thing before. I speak too fast, everything happens too fast. Everything is so fking trash lately. Hope I can turn this into something good, sorry @Muma,” Lengyel posted.

Wilmot, one of the only openly LGBTQ players in the league, accepted the appology and wished Lengyel luck.

No hard feelings at all and I apologize for what I said back. You’re on a great team and I fully expect you to return to full force before playoffs. GL my doggie,” Wilmot posted.

The Overwatch League’s inaugural season began January 10 and will run in stages through June 16. The Houston Outlaws, founded in September 2017 by Hector Rodriguez, owner of OpTic Gaming, is currently in fourth place.

Wilmot, a starter for Houston who is based in Los Angeles, hopes that his platform inspires other players to openly be themselves.

I’m just a boy tryna play some video games. It’s cool being one of the only LGBT players in the league and I hope I can inspire and encourage some people to be true to themselves. With that said, I don’t want it to define me as a person. I’m just playin’ some tank, dudes,” Wilmot posted.


Lourdes Zavaleta

Lourdes Zavaleta is a frequent contributor to OutSmart magazine.
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