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Mothers of Trans Kids Are Using All 7 of Trump’s Banned Words in One Amazing Paragraph

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, the Trump administration has instructed the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to avoid seven words in its 2019 budget request.

The words are diversity, entitlement, evidence-based, fetus, science-based, transgender, and vulnerable. The Orwellian ban, first reported by the Washington Post last week, has sparked alarm and outrage among progressives.

In the wake of the controversy, mothers with transgender children have begun sharing a paragraph on social media that includes all seven of the banned words. OutSmart first noticed the meme on the feed of Erika Richie of Houston, the mother of a trans teenager, Landon.

“My FETUS developed into a TRANSGENDER person and that could have made him VULNERABLE but instead we celebrate the DIVERSITY he brought into our world. This is SCIENCE-BASED and EVIDENCE-BASED and I dare anyone to tell me that his right to be his true self is anything other than human ENTITLEMENT,” Richie wrote on Facebook on Tuesday morning.

Richie concluded her post with the abbreviation “FDJT,” and we’re pretty sure you can guess what it stands for.

Happy holidays!


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