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Judge Extends Restraining Order Against Frankie Quijano

By John Wright

A state district judge on Monday, Nov. 6, extended an order barring Franciso “Frankie” Quijano, the former president and CEO of Pride Houston Inc., from acting on behalf of the organization or withholding its assets from current board members.

The modified temporary restraining order, signed by Judge RK Sandill of Harris County’s 127th Civil District Court, applies to both Quijano and his husband, Abijah Kratochvil, a former Pride Houston board member who is a co-defendant in the case.

The order prohibits Quijano and Kratochvil from withholding password information for the organization’s social media accounts and billing statements from current board members Jeremy Fain, Dustin Sheffield and Lorin Roberts. Quijano and Kratochvil are also barred from accessing the accounts themselves; contacting board members, volunteers, sponsors, and vendors; entering into or cancelling contracts on behalf of Pride Houston; and sending or receiving emails on behalf of the organization.

“The court finds that if the defendants are not immediately restrained from the activities mentioned above that irreparable harm to the plaintiffs will result, since they have no other adequate remedy at law,” states the modified order, which will remain in effect until until noon on Nov. 17. The next hearing in the case is set for 9 a.m. on Nov. 16.

Pride Houston sued Quijano last month, alleging he had refused to relinquish the organization’s assets after being replaced by Roberts as president and CEO on Oct. 1. The suit also alleges that Quijano harassed and threatened current board members. Quijano responded by countersuing, arguing that he remains president of Pride Houston because Roberts was not duly elected.

In related news, Pride Houston’s board of directors is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, Nov. 14, followed by a volunteer open house on Saturday, Nov. 18.



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