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Heroes of Harvey: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Gay-owned furniture company distributes over $350K in merchandise to LGBTQ survivors. 

From staff reports

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Home Furnishings announced shortly after Tropical Storm Harvey hit Houston in that they were committed to helping the community rebuild by providing new furnishings to the most vulnerable—those who lost everything and couldn’t afford the most basic comforts to make a house a home again.

“After seeing the devastation that Hurricane Harvey left behind, we wanted to do our part in helping those most affected rebuild,” said Mitchell Gold, co- founder of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (MGBW). “Bob is from Texas, and it’s a place we hold near and dear to our hearts. The most important thing is helping people make a house a home again.”

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams partnered with the Montrose Center, one of the nation’s leading full-service LGBTQ centers, to find families that were devastated by by the storm. Through its LGBTQ Harvey Relief Fund, the center helped Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams identify 40 diverse families in need.

“We are Houston Strong. It’s that sentiment that makes Houstonians a part of a resilient and caring community. MGBW Houston is proud and honored to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey,” said Ryan Rottum, general manager of MGBW Houston.

On November 18, MGBW donated over $350,000 worth of furnishings to these selected families, who had  the opportunity to choose from sofas, chairs, tables, dining tables, beds, storage pieces, rugs, and more.

Rottum said the donation was “about helping others get back to a place they can call home.”

“We’ve had tremendous support from our four sister stores in Texas, in Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin,” Rottum said. “As a city and community, we are on the path to recovery.”


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