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Harvey Hero Andrew White Explores Bid For Governor, Slams Bathroom Bill

By John Wright

Houston investor Andrew White, the son of the late former Gov. Mark White, is exploring a possible campaign for Texas governor as a Democrat in 2018.

In an interview with Texas Monthly, White cited anti-transgender bathroom bills as an example of why he’s frustrated with state leadership.

“The moderate Republicans are looking at their leaders and finding out they don’t represent their beliefs,” White told the magazine. “The old Republican party was pro-business and pro-jobs and ‘keep the government off my back.’ So what’s the bathroom bill? It’s an over-reaching government program to tell you that you need to bring your birth certificate into the bathroom. It might cause us to lose every Super Bowl, every national championship game—not to mention, how could Amazon consider a second headquarters in Texas if we’re having this argument right now? How many jobs do you lose? The sacrifice we would have to make over something that has zero data to support it is bizarre.”

White considers himself a “very conservative Democrat” or “moderate Republican,” but says he wants to move beyond party labels.

The owner of Sweat Equity Partners, White was among those who used small boats to rescue people trapped by floodwaters during Tropical Storm Harvey. He plans to launch a Facebook page and website in the next few days to solicit feedback.

Other Democratic candidates for governor include Dallas gay bar owner Jeffrey Payne.



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