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Frankie Quijano Responds to Pride Houston’s Lawsuit with Subpoenas

By John Wright

Frankie Quijano, the longtime former president and CEO of Pride Houston Inc., appears to be gearing up for a fight in response to the lawsuit filed against him by the organization last week.

Quijano’s attorney, Angie Olalde, notified the court on Friday, Oct. 27, that subpoenas have been served to Pride Houston’s new president and CEO, Lorin Roberts, as well as current board member Jeremy Fain. The subpoenas seek records related to the election of Roberts to replace Quijano, and any board vote authorizing the lawsuit, as well as copies of the organization’s bylaws and articles of incorporation.

U.A. Lewis, the attorney representing Pride Houston, Roberts and current board members, said she was surprised by the subpoenas, which were served to her office, given that Quijano agreed to a temporary restraining order entered against him in the case last week.

“To be honest with you, he was very cordial and receptive to entering into the agreed restraining order, so this later resistance is a little bit puzzling,” Lewis told OutSmart on Monday.

Olalde, who represents both Quijano and his husband, Abijah Kratochvil, has declined to comment on the case.

Asked whether the subpoenas indicate Quijano plans to fight back against the lawsuit, Lewis said: “I don’t think you’re going in the wrong direction. I think I’m assessing the same thing as you.”

Under the restraining order, Quijano has a deadline of Tuesday, October 31 to turn over passwords and other information necessary to access the organization’s social media and bank accounts, Lewis said. Also Tuesday, Judge R.K. Sandill will hold a hearing on the plaintiffs’ request for a temporary injunction against Quijano, which would extend the terms of the restraining order.

“Hopefully, for the sake of Pride, it’s uneventful,” Lewis said of the hearing. “If he [Quijano] doesn’t comply, and this goes on for months and months and months all the way into the Pride season, that could be huge.”



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