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Another ‘Christian’ Claims Harvey Was God’s Punishment For Electing A Lesbian Mayor

By John Wright

First there was Ann Coulter, then Pastor Rick Wiles.

Now, far-right activist Dave Daubenmire has become the latest wingnut to link Hurricane Harvey to Houston’s election of the nation’s first openly LGBTQ big-city mayor.

Daubenmire, a former football coach who was famously sued for forcing his players to pray, also blamed abortion for the storm during a rant on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast Tuesday, according to Right Wing Watch.

“Houston, we got a problem here,” Daubenmire said. “Could some of the problems be the result of the judgment of God coming your way because of the slaughter of unborn children? You had a lesbian mayor who wanted to look at the prayers of pastors in their churches. It’s debaucherous.

“People tell me that Houston, Texas, is one of the darkest cities in America,” he added. “Isn’t it amazing, Katrina slammed New Orleans — we know about voodoo and the darkness in New Orleans. Then it moved right down the coast to Houston, Texas. … Boom, here it comes, now it’s underwater. Water is a sign of judgment and cleansing. Is now not the time for the voice of the church to rise up and declare, ‘Let’s stop killing the babies!’

“I don’t want this to appear to be judgmental, but I don’t know what else to do!” Daubenmire said.

Watch it below.


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