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Sometimes Life Smiles

Dr. Randy Mitchmore will see to that.

By Marene Gustin

George Takei has said the goal of his Twitter posts is to give fans a smile every morning. But what if you looked in the mirror to smile and saw broken, bad teeth? What if you just stopped smiling because you were embarrassed by your grille?

When you have bad teeth, it’s not just your self-esteem that suffers—it can also cause other health problems, including eating issues. But Dr. Randy Mitchmore can fix all of that and have you smiling the very next day.

Although he’s always loved science and people, Mitchmore started out studying for the ministry. “But I wound up in dentistry,” he says. “Now, I minister in a different way.”

Mitchmore is a second-generation Houstonian with a doctorate from the University of Texas medical school in Houston. He’s had a private dental practice in Montrose since 1978 and spends a lot of time and energy giving back to the community. He’s vice chair of the Montrose Management District, a volunteer with Give Back a Smile (the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s project to restore damaged teeth for domestic-abuse victims), and he’s spent years on the board of Bering Omega Community Services.

Mitchmore has advanced dental training from several institutes, has written a shelf full of books on dentistry, teaches, is one of the few dentists who’s certified in IV sedation, and specializes in dental implants. “My dad hated the partials he wore back in 1986,” Mitchmore recalls. “So I started learning about implants so I could fix his teeth. And it made such a difference for him.”

Dentistry has come a long way since the ’80s, and one of the newest techniques is called Teeth Tomorrow, which Mitchmore now offers.

Teeth Tomorrow is an alternative to the traditional dentures and partials that are removed and soaked overnight. These new implants are made from a solid block of Prettau Zirconia, a non-porous substance that resists chipping and cracking, odors, and stains.

Best of all, the process takes only two days: one for extractions and precise measurements—which are digitally transmitted to a lab where your new teeth are created overnight—and one for having them implanted in your jawbone.

“The people who need this kind of dentistry are good, hard-working people who have put off fixing their teeth or have just had patchwork done,” Mitchmore says. “This is a way to give them a permanent fix in a very short time. The technique gives you new teeth the next day. And that means there is less time in the chair, less stress, less worry.”

Unlike regular dentures, these are permanent implants that you treat like real teeth. You brush daily and see your dentist for regular cleanings. The only thing you don’t have to do is floss, since the Prettau Zirconia does not attract plaque or food particles.

“I can eat again, it was so easy and everyone was so kind, Dr. Mitchmore explains everything. Best customer service ever!” reads one patient testimonial on Mitchmore’s website.

Others talk about the luxurious spa-like atmosphere and friendly staff. “Dr. Mitchmore’s office is the nicest place I’ve been in Houston.”

“The best part of my job is that I get to change people’s lives,” Dr. Mitchmore says, with a smile. “And I consider my patients my friends.”

Dr. Randy Mitchmore
LifeSmiles & Teeth Tomorrow
1722 W. Alabama St.



Marene Gustin

Marene Gustin has written about Texas culture, food, fashion, the arts, and Lone Star politics and crime for television, magazines, the web and newspapers nationwide, and worked in Houston politics for six years. Her freelance work has appeared in the Austin Chronicle, Austin-American Statesman, Houston Chronicle, Houston Press, Texas Monthly, Dance International, Dance Magazine, the Advocate, Prime Living, InTown magazine, OutSmart magazine and web sites CultureMap Houston and Austin, Eater Houston and, among others.
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