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Review: ‘Me, Myself and Her’

By B. Root

Italy’s first feature-length lesbian romantic comedy is coming this month to DVD and VOD. Starring Sabrina Ferilli (The Great Beauty) and seven-time Donatello Award-winner Margherita Buy (His Secret Life), Maria Sole Tognazzi’s new film Me, Myself and Her follows two women and their seemingly perfect relationship as it is put to the test.

memyselfFederica (Buy) and Marina (Ferilli) appear to have a perfect relationship on the surface: they share a beautiful apartment in Rome, they both work great jobs (architect and restaurateur, respectively) that afford them weekend getaways, and they spend their evenings cooking for each other and cozying up on the couch to their favorite television shows. However, when Marina—who is a retired actress—gets offered a role in a new film, problems begin to arise in their relationship.

Although Federica tries to convince Marina it would be a bad idea because she has not acted in 15 years, Federica is actually worried that Marina’s film role will bring their relationship into the spotlight. Even though they have dated for five years, Federica is still questioning her sexuality as she has only previously been with men, and she is not out to her coworkers. This leads to instability and uncertainty within their relationship.

Despite Federica’s protests, Marina decides that accepting the role is something she needs to do for herself. To make the situation even more tense, Federica runs into an old fling on the street. After some initial apprehension, Federica decides to start pursuing him romantically. With Marina’s rekindled passionfor acting and Federica’s escalating love affair with Marco (FaustoMaria Sciarappa), the women endup having to decide which is more important: reliving old dreams, or their love for each other.

“I like to talk about independent women—women able to choose their path in the world without worrying about other people’s judgment,” writer and director Tognazzi stated in an interview. “Me, Myself and Her is about women who are truly being themselves, without any fear.”

Blending light-hearted comedy with postcard-perfect Italian scenery, Me, Myself and Her is an irresistible story of two women who, despite their differences, manage to weather the difficulties of life and love together.

Me, Myself and Her is available on DVD and VOD through Wolfe Video (

B. Root is a frequent contributor to OutSmart magazine.


B. Root

B. Root is a frequent contributor to OutSmart Magazine.
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