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Space Kiddettes Are Out of This World

By Barrett White

Every so often, a performance comes along that stops a venue in its tracks. A new act; the city doesn’t know them, but they turned out to support local art and were pleasantly, if not aggressively, surprised.

This past week, Barbarella in Midtown played host to one of Houston’s newest acts: Space Kiddettes. The small pop-electronica duo—recent University of Houston graduate and former Coog Radio employee Trent Lira and current UH student Devin Will—took the stage just before 11 p.m. and fearlessly commanded it with a set list of both original works and covers (including a hilariously charming, choreographed performance of Gwen Stefani’s “Crash,” and a most fabulous rendition medley of RuPaul’s “Covergirl,” “Sissy That Walk,” and “U Wear It Well”).

Notably among their original works were “Burn Down the Disco,” “Talk, Talk, Talk,” “Mood: Anonymous,” and “Scary Boy”—instant crowd favorites that had the modest Barbarella crowd on their feet dancing and laughing along to the upbeat tempos, Lira’s sassy one-liners, and Will’s hysterically deadpan humor.

Though their stage time was quick (only about an hour), their presence was undeniably unforgettable. As talented as the two of them are as artists and musicians while performing, they are equally engaging between songs. In such a short time, the duo undertook several costume changes—capes and neon gloves turned to button-downs, and even a knighting presentation of Mickey Mouse ears took place.

If you’re looking for a night of pure, unabashed fun, watching two performers so invested in their craft, you better sashay right into the next Space Kiddettes concert.

Catch them live at Super Happy Fun Land on June 22.

To connect with Space Kiddettes, find them on Facebook at

To listen to their work, find them on Soundcloud or Bandcamp for free:


Barrett White

Barrett White is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.
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